i don't want to go to bed........................ i'm going to have nightmares. about tortured and dead cats. i really don't understand how people can do stuff like that to animals, or humans. some people are just sick. i feel sick... i can't get those stupid images out of my head. everytime i look at Sunny i see her dead, hanging by a string all bloody.............................. /cry


santa shugo's coming to tooown~

Merry Christmas!
no santa shugo candies in mail today... somewhat disappointed. gief gifts, NC! :( free game time would be even better.. but at least i'm getting my atk speed title and "forbidden dance" emote in 5 days. i can't wait to get those 6 month veteran wings. 3 months left!





everytime i lay my eyes on him i feel so proud. :| oh baby taemin. you've grown so much in so many ways. brb i need to cry. he was my favorite back when they debuted in may 2008, and even though i pended between jonghyun and key-obsessions he's always been special to me. 사랑해

oh and the mics/sound system on Korea Human Daesang was just... /speechless. i loved it. incredibly good sound and clear voices. plz let SBS have the same stuff at Gayo Daejun.

/fangirlmode: off


.... ㅡㅅㅡ 죽어 (마르코Quote) 난 왜 이렇게~~~~~~~~~ 미쳤어 정말 미쳤어 (손담비의 노래ㅋ)

you can't caps in korean which is stupid. so i'll just resize this into rediculously large letters. love html!

sepe. sepepepepeppesepe. 미쳤다. -ㅅ- 어디 있어? 보고 싶어 ㅎㅅㅎ
... 조금만 ㅋ 돌아와줘! 빨리! 그 목소리 정말 많이 보고 싶어서, 빨리 돌아와줘.ㅠ

이 글은 뭐ㅋㅋㅋ

근데 진실이다


christmas :D

i wish they got the seasons-feature ready for this. would be so cool if we got a snowy pandaemonium.

first thing i did when servers got up yesterday was teleporting to panda :D love it!

christmas tree and fireworks and pressies! love the BGM as well.
and yes, i completely forgot to turn my water settings up. lol.

the giant piano xD we put together an alliance and tried playing a bit but people kept interrupting and jumping around. :/ but it was so much fun!

and did some rifting in the middle of the night. seems like NC cleaned out the bots again. barely any elyos to kill. :( but we ran into this giant ugly monkey. personally, i like Gojira more. why does Elyos have all the cool stuff?!



if i were world leader id kill all retards like that and put their bodies on sticks that are attached to the satelites orbiting earth, so the aliens that pass by can see the shame of Earth



:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I LUFF HEIRON! ran away from a couple of elyos, ran straight into this guy and went O_O and screamed and died. fantastic. :D dinos to asmodae plz!


i love GDA

imma die of fangirl spazms soon.

highlights of this video;
1. K.R.Y opening with Sorry Sorry - Answer. gave me goosebumps all over my body. though ryeo totally cracked/slipped/wtfd in his first line. but omfg kyuhyun's beauty totally struck me.
2. the curtains opening with all the boys standing there singing and the lights behind, goosebump goosebumps omfg goosebumps.
3. EunHae's rap. sdjhfkjhsdfkd. sexy. i hated donghae's sunglasses tough. wtf? :(
4. close-up on sungmin during the nanalala part ily cameraman
5. remixed the beginning of Sorry Sorry! awesome. something tells me that small part was from a new song. can't recognize the lyrics. oh and heechul, plz cut your hairs at least a little bit.
6. micproblems? wtf GDA.
7. sdjhfkdsjhfkdsjhfkdjhs eunhyuk during the dance break omfg
8. E.L.F's chants. aw.
9. SHINEE'S TABLE! :D jonghyun, onew and taemin singing along xD omggggg taemni adorable much?!
10. heechul..................... at least put it in a pony tail? pretty please?
11. i love EunHae's little dance before shiwon stepped forward with his jacket unbuttonned and.... holy mother of god.

moar fangirl spazms.

1. i do prefer f(x) version of Chocolate Love, but........ KJSHDKJHSD. THAT INTRO WAS JUST? ........ TEASE. i love the fluffy thingies.
2. ok mics srsly wtf GDA.
6. OMG TAEYEON OMG. i want that bracelet.
7. ROFLMAO. Shindong, Eunhyuk and Sungmin dancing along with the posters. XD
8. oh my god.............................. yuri why are you so fucking god damn gorgeous?
9. tiffany did you just poke your nose?
10. sexy sunny is sexy. didn't know that was possible. well, the genie mv was an exception. jesus i need to re-dl that in 1080p.
11. gee. brb fainting. i love that song so much. do i have it on my hd still?!
12. guitars? wtf? that's so not gee ;_; nuu
13. i can haz original gee pl0x.
14. adorable sunny is adorable.
15. was that the mic or is something wrong with taeyeon's voice? :(
16. i miss the colorful skinny jeans. i hate fake leather pants. sorry girls. ;/

too lazy to find epik high's perfs on yt cause akp put up egloos embed. but kdhfksjhdf the dancer's choreo to high technology was AWESOME. i still don't like wannabe that much, but tablo's glasses were awesome. and MYK and Dok2. sfsdjhfkjsdhfksd. idk what was going on with heechul, shindong and hangeng though............. but it had me fall out of my chair laughing.

and ofc....

can't forget about SMTOWN's tribute to MJ. english had me lol, but it was awesome. seeing my favorite groups on the same stage makes me feel all tingely.

the end, of fangirl spaz. it wasn't even that bad! just... long. i should stop blogging and start taking notes again.



today was good.
then i watched 90210.
and now i'm emo. lawl.
jasper's a bitch.

so now i'm drinking my yoggi and feeling self-destructive.
last winter i'd turn that into creativity but i can't bother now.
mindless grind-time.


Yoo Youngjin's voice is amazing. i didn't know he was the one singing in the short preview of the song that was released like months and months and months ago.. genious human being. Donghae and Eunhyuk's rap is so..... sjhfkshfksd-worthy. i'd really like to hear Yehsung sing Youngjin's part in the beginning though. i wanna see what he can make out of it.. tbh Youngjin should become an SJ member. haha. :D his voice fits espescially the K.R.Y dominated songs they have.. i can't wait for the music video. i didn't like the It's You rearranged version though ;/ the original was so much better..

now. 가사 plij.



jag hatar 2012. hemskaste filmen någonsin.
gotta admit the voice-controlled car was hilarious, though.



(i should stalk tumblrs more often)

baby baby

he improved so much if you compare to the earlier recordings of him singing this song. even though he made a small mistake at one time. i never get tired of this song.

내 눈엔 너만 보여


they must've practised the choreography all night.
no energy at all. they look so out of shape, espescially Onew.
this has happened during every title song they've promoted.
누너예, 산소너, 아미고, Juliette. (didn't follow their activities closely during Juliette-days but i'm sure this happened then too)
they hit a wall where they always seem tired and their voices crack and miss choreography. of course it's understandable, with their schedule and the fact that 1 member is currently down with the flu, and 2 members just recovered, and they've just returned from the Phillipines. i feel their contracts need a look at. if SHINee's contract is anywhere close to TVXQ's i'll friggen sue SM myself. (ok maybe not. i can't afford lawyers. D:) but they seriously need a break. if only for one or two weeks, it'd do them good. :/

my little eye spy JongKey @ 2:15. aw.


it's sunday today. of course bank's closed. what's wrong with me. ㅡㅡ;
i always mix up days and it never bothers me much.
but i just put on clothes and walked outside for nothing.



i need to get my ass over to the bank.
......................... /blank stare at computer screen
erika get your ass out of the chair.
네~ 간다... ㅎ_ㅎ


i am bored. just finished watching New Moon. it was decent.
restless. meh. reading useless threads on AionSource is a great way to spend time. i watched 9 earlier today. like first half of the movie. decided i didn't like it much. tbh it was quite creepy. currently downloadinggg.... Ghost Whisperer S05E05-E09. thinking about watching District 9, Pandorum and Public Enemies. will probably just end up playing Ether Saga. going back to the endless grind.. for tonight.



jag hade en sån sjukt mysig dröm.
sen vaknade jag. tänkte lite på den.
somnade om.

så var den inte mysig längre. -_-



trummor och demonstrationer utanför. högljutt. huvudvärk.

i made an elyos sorcerer on perento last night.
i played sorc during the first closed beta weekends, but never really enjoyed it that much. i realized why! all you do is stand still, fire high dps and that's it. but it's quite relaxing. my ranger is getting on my nerves now. i don't feel like grinding at all. it's hard to find good grind spots. :/ level 37 seems so very far away. guess it's for the best though, gives me time to run ft to farm money. i won't be able to afford my skill books. ha. D:





i'm going on ABC starting tomorrow.
i feel motivated! woo.

i miss my Shounen Club/Johnny's Jr. days, lmao. i remember my fangirling of Ya-ya-yah's old show. i started out watching the old episodes, then i saw one of the newer ones and realized Yabu was hot. i still don't like his voice though. ._. everything got ruined when they split YYY and created Hey! Say! 7 and then Hey! Say! JUMP. why, JE. WHY. -_-


HEY SEXY. losing 8kg eating only tofu for 2 weeks?
if i liked tofu i'd totally try that out.
희님 보고싶다.



that's the wire to my SteelSeries Siberia microphone.
i might just kill that cat. someone buy me Razer Armadillo 2 for christmas. i'm desperate.


i miss you

listen to my heartbeat, it's beating for you
listen to my heartbeat, it's waiting for you

listening to 1:59PM. chills all over.
i keep imagining Jay's voice.

come back ffs. you're the worst leader ever. you should've stood up for yourself, but you just left your group, your fans, and ran away back home to the us. how could you do that to us? i hate you. i miss you.

this whole album is just painful. they should've re-recorded the old songs and let junsu or someone take jay's lines. i can't stand listening to them anymore.

LG XNOTE Aion Edition

i saw an interesting ad on naver today. it linked me to this page. i clicked some more and found this.
i've been hyperventilating. jhsfksdhgfjkdskfjsd. NEED. my korean is too bad so i don't get if you can only win it through that review event or if LG will actually put it in stores. but omg i'd do anything for it. 1st place gets the laptop, 2nd to 6th place gets a monitor and 7th to 107th place gets 2 tickets to max movie. sad. D:



where did thursday go?
note to self; re-dl alice nine.'s live dvds.


this post has no meaning what-so-everr.



yesterday i seriously considered suicide, for the first time in a very, very long time. mom makes me sick. i can't believe she gave birth to me when she doesn't even want me. she's not my mom in any way. "mom" is something i learned to call her, but i never felt she was. i'm just someone who lives under the same roof as her. yet she keeps insisting with controlling me, and at the same time she wants me to be grown up and do everything by myself. right, well. how about handing me some 10k so i can move to singapore? yes? no? no? ok then, i'll just feed off you until you die. just like a parasite, cause that's exactly what i am. i can't wait to get out of this hell. i mean, i really can not wait. my whole body is itching to get out of here. i could rip my skin apart, but that would leave scars, so i won't. i just made dollar bite my hand. it hurt really bad, and i smiled. LOL. freak. :) it felt good. pain equals happiness. really though, i miss how miserable i was. life was so easy. slitting my wrists, going to school, laughing with friends, feeling a panic attack coming and locking myself in the school bathroom, skipping class while walking home in the rain. i really do miss it a lot.


no happy



mom's good at hiding things.
but i'm better at finding them. ;)
though i walked past the place she hid my network adapter like a million times thinking "nah she wouldn't hide it there". that's happened quite a few times now. i need to change my attitude, lol. anyway it took me 40 minutes to find it so.... ugh.

................... OH MY FUCKING GOD JONGHYUN CAUGHT THE SWINE FLU. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MY BABY. ;_; (why am i calling him baby -_- Taemin is baby. Jonghyun is oppa. "My oppa" sounds hilarious. it's Baby Baby's fault. oo i need to listen to that song..) it's not that it's THE swine flu, but that it's any flu at all. i can't stand seeing my SHINee boys sick. sickness+tons of activities=not not NOT good. 종현오빠 힘내세요 ㅠㅠ
tons of fandom updates last night... Wonder Girls' are sick of performing Nobody (so am i), 2PM released Tired of Waiting(brb lj), Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun apparently did NOT have this interview about the SM vs JJY (lul) thingy or did these statements, "G-Dragon's album no longer suited for minors" LOL Korea, f(x) starting performances of Chu~(insert heart) this week OMG OMG OMG, and that's it. Jesus, i couldn't ever live without allkpop.

only Jonghyun's taking a break from promoting Ring Ding Dong.. the other boys will continue to perform with 4 members. i can't imagine it o_o Ring Ding Dong without Jonghyun's 사실 난 불안해-line. it's one of my favorite parts in the song. who'll take over it? Onew? Key? i'd like to see Taemin do that line even though i know he couldn't do it as good as Jonghyun. erm nevermind. i'm pretty sure this is how it'll work out. :)

original part;
(Jonghyun) 사실 난 불안해 어떻게 날 보는지
(Taemin & Key) 어쩌면 어쩌면 내게 호감을 갖고 있는지 몰라
(Onew) 이토록 안절부절 할 수밖에 없어
(Jonghyun) 돌이킬 수 없는 걸

possible edits;
(Onew) 사실 난 불안해 어떻게 날 보는지
(Taemin & Key) 어쩌면 어쩌면 내게 호감을 갖고 있는지 몰라
(Onew) 이토록 안절부절 할 수밖에 없어
(Key or Onew) 돌이킬 수 없는 걸

i hope they don't sacrifice the 어쩌면 어쩌면-part. i can't live without it, and Taemin and Key does it perfectly. this will interesting.

SM IS BOYCOTTING MAMA. at first i was like "OMG WHAT" (i actually shouted :x sorry neighbours) but then i went YAY GO SM. i don't approve nor trust Mnet's methods of selecting winners either, so i'm happy and ok with it. they better not be boycotting Golden Disk awards, though. GDA isn't as big of a show as Mnet's award shows (i need to download SHINee's cuts from MKMF last year gosh i'm crying just thinking about it) but the nominations are more fair and you can trust them to actually give the awards to artists that do deserve it. i'm hoping for SHINee to catch the digital bonsang or the inkisang, but at the same time i'm doubting they'll get it. actually i'm pretty sure they won't. but at least they were nominated. /glares at MAMA. i want MKMF back. i want SHINee to win the shininsang once again. ......mostly because i want to see Jonghyun cry. i'm sorry, Jonghyun. but i love seeing you cry ._. you're so beautiful. i'm a freak. lol. T_T



i wonder if NCSoft would ever consider hiring me to design their earrings.
they need to change. or AT LEAST fix a hide earrings-function.
oh and my new gears are hot, though i need new gloves..


personality test

Click to view my Personality Profile page
how true is it? lol



Dagens humör: tråk, tråk, sömnig, tråk
Dagens borde: handla, städa, duscha
Dagens frisyr: allt stoppat in i en tomteluva.
Dagens klädsel: tröja och mysbyxis
Dagens planer: spela Aion. har inte loggat in än......
Dagens materiella vill ha: Special K
Dagens längtan: chips, pojkvän. jag grät! haha.
Dagens fundering: varför har mamma varit så jobbig på senaste tiden?
Dagens beroende: U-KISS MV teaser, Ivy's Touch Me MV
Dagens tråkigaste: se på teve till 6 på morgonen, sova till 11 eller så. se på teve, somna om.
Dagens personer: Key och Eli. RAWR.
Dagens roliga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHzHwnNSKmk HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Dagens låt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukerE0Nsr-8



people say "without an education you won't get a real job".
that's a lie.
without an education you won't get a job, period.



one of the most beautifully animated music videos ever..
can't get enough of it.


where are you?

this song is one of the most beautiful songs ever.. i remember playing mahjong titans all night listening to this and Fanny Fink's River. i..... really need the snow to come soon. i want stay up all night doing whatever.. i have a feeling i'll be reading a lot this winter, and playing Harpan, haha. and then falling asleep around 7 in the morning, waking up to the sun shining and the snow sparkling. jesus.. i still have this dream i had last winter pierced in my brain! i can remember almost every detail of it.. i wish i was creative so i could make a painting or collage or something. and a short movie about another dream i had.. i can be creative if i want to, if i have the means to let it out.. but i don't have any so nvm. xD


그런 일은 없겠지만 니 마음이 변해 날 떠난다 해도 나는 널 잊지 못한다는 걸 알아?



she's pretty. oh yes, she is. ily, 설리야. let's marry.


so fucking bored.
i fucking hate sweden so much.
i want to live in a perfect country with perfect politics with perfect people with perfect lifes.
lives? who cares.

Dan Brown is cute. i really need to finish reading The Lost Symbol.
wooo full interview with Dan Brown at 7:45 tomorrow...

no way i'm going to wake up that early just to watch that! :(


Jay is an idiot.
why'd he have to leave.
/kicks Jay's ass
come back.
we love you

and that's all that matters.

i hate 2PM1:59. i can't stand watching videos with any of the 2PM members. but now i'm downloading 2:00 Time for change and i'm going to force myself to listen through it. and cry when i hear Jay's voice.


and no, i will not respect his decision. i did at first. but i never realized what a loss it was. (i was blind. he used to be my favorite member? wow, i'm a real fan. -_-) 2PM will never be 2PM without Leader Jay. how could they even let him leave. i don't understand anything. but i do understand Hottest. if only a tiny bit, i do understand.



i've been playing tons of Aion lately. haven't been reading much.. need to finish The Lost Symbol soon so i can start reading The Host.. anyway. Aion!!!!!!! playing ranger is so much fun! i love it. i just turned lv15 today. 2 lvs / day seems like a good pace to play.. not too fast to enjoy the game and not too slow to get bored :) also been killing gigantic boxes twice the past days. so much fun! got a sword the first time, and a shield the second. hoping i get to finish the box off by myself sometime to get all the loot.. haha. anyway. back to Aion!


svenska för faen

klockan är 00:02. jag gick och lade mig vid 23:20, men kan inte sova. orden bara svävar runt i huvudet på mig. jag tror jag väckte mamma. förlåt. jag undrar om jag kommer kunna vara vaken om nätterna när jag blir "vuxen" också. när jag fått stadigt jobb, barn, är gift osv. men det tvivlar jag på att jag kommer få. ingen utbildning, inget jobb. jag tvivlar på att det kommer hålla med min pojkvän, jag menar... jag är ju jag. jag vet ingenting. eller jo, jag vet att jag borde gjort en massa val i mitt liv annorlunda. om jag kunde skulle jag vilja leva om mitt liv. men det är ju omöjligt, och jag skulle nog gjort lika dåliga val då också. så jag skyller på mamma, att jag blev såhär. allt är hennes fel. att jag började må dåligt (ok, bara 80% sant, jag mådde ju dåligt innan jag flyttade hit), att jag slutade gå till skolan, att jag gav upp, att jag aldrig haft några drömmar eller mål.. allt är hennes fel. men nu ljuger jag. det är faktiskt mitt eget fel. jag förstörde mitt liv. jag kommer inte få något av det jag vill med mitt liv, nu får jag ligga som jag bäddat. på asfalten med en spräck skalle, troligen. det ända jag lever för, är musik, spel och kärlek. om det ens är kärlek. förlorar jag det, det jag kallar "kärlek", så betyder musik och spel ingenting. jag skulle dö. men egentligen skulle jag nog fortsätta leva samma sorgliga liv som nu. i alla fall tills mamma sparkar ut mej på gatan. för då! då dör jag.

Fanny Fink's River på repeat. imorgon ska jag plugga engelsk grammatik. anledningen? ; jag hatar grammatik. men om jag kan ordentlig grammatik, kanske jag kan börjar skriva. även om jag inte har något att skriva om. jag tror jag har världens torraste fantasi. jag menar.. under en svenska lektion i 7:an skrev jag lite på en "berättelse", med Aoi och Reita i the GazettE. Aoi kidnappade Reita i en säck. jag har ingen aning. jag kommer också ihåg en uppgift vi hade på lågstadiet eller mellanstadiet, man skulle komma på en "berättelse" med en klasskamrat och rita till den. eller nåt sånt, jag kommer inte ihåg. jag och Hannes blev ihop parade, och självklart var det han som hittade på och ritade allting. men det var länge sedan..

ursch. nu ska jag vira in mej i mitt täcke, sätta på mej tomteluvan och läsa dan brown's nya bok. om den är bra så ska jag spendera pengar på den. det är han värd. "All rituals, science, artwork, and monuments in this novel are real." visst är det underbart? verklighet. bara man hade lite sådant i sitt liv.

"his voice soft like falling snow." hur låter en röst som är mjuk som fallande snö?

jag vill lära mej latin.



Dagens humör: tråk, rastlös
Dagens borde: handla, duscha
Dagens frisyr: morgonfrissa, oprydlig hästsvans. orka borsta!
Dagens klädsel: skjorta och tights.
Dagens planer: hade inga. tar alltid dagarna som dom kommer.
Dagens materiella vill ha: YOGHURT.
Dagens längtan: pojkvän plzkthx. + Aion, såklart.
Dagens fundering: varför måste mamma förstöra mitt liv.
Dagens beroende: te.
Dagens tråkigaste: öhm. typ. spela harpan medans jag kollade på Fringe. Fringe är underbart, men blir så rastlös om jag bara sitter och kollar så jag måste göra nått annat samtidigt. då ligger ju datorn's kortspel nära tillhands.
Dagens personer: mig själv?
Dagens roliga: "안녕, Pussycat!" Jag asgarvade.
Dagens låt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RhDR-ks6vI

i love this necklace

screw you, html. :(



hrrrr......... last night i watched lots of beautiful stuff. (: Makoto Shinkai! watched The Place Promised In Our Early Days, 5 Centimetres Per Second and She And Her Cat. didn't feel like watching Voices of a distant star.. don't really like it that much. but i pretty much cried throughout the whole 5cm/s xD so beautiful! i really need to download the OST again. also watched some extras. Shinkai's cute, rofl. he's amazing. :) if i ever become a millionaire i'll get all his stuff on DVD. + the OSTs. anyway i got to bed around 3:20am. i woke up at 1pm.. but i thought it was around 9-10 cause i was exhausted and it was so grey outside i thought it was morning, lol. i had planned to watch Dream Concert live but meh.. didn't happen. a bit disappointed. hopefully there will be HD downloads on livejournal, at least for SHINee. i've been really fangirling SHINee lately, hearing about the news of their comeback. it feels so...... right! i haven't been into fandom like this for such a long time. i also checked my character on Aion today. (on the website, still DLing game.....) turns out I.N kicked me out. :/ too bad. i really need to get a job and earn some money so i can renew my subscription. but i registered on a Pserver today. if i enjoy it more than the retail i might stick with it and not renew my sub, hm. we'll see in time. D-8



It has been brought to my attention that baby sea turtles are utterly and unequivocally awesome.
- Owl City


nothing can stop me from loving you

내가 살아가는 그 이유


Today I was unlocking my dorm room when two of the building's security officers walked by. I wasn't paying attention to them until I heard one say, "-if they ask, I'll just tell them I'm a Muggle." I am now convinced my dorm has protection from wizards, and therefore feel much safer. MLIA



(this picture is amazing btw)

omg i can't wait for the other boys' pictures. espescially Key's.


Idol Big Show fashion

NO. 2 & 3 = MINE. in my dreams. ;_;

kjhfkjhsfksfhskdhfksd /drool @ everything in this pic. the Kaikai Kiki flowers are designed by Takashi Murakami! omg! i knew i recognized the design..

haaaaaaaaaa.. BSX hoodies. :| if i had money i would buy a green one.. lol i just realized they're actually selling them.. 57k won at naver. that's almost 400sek.. so expensive. -_-


Today I bought a box of unicorn bandaids. According to the box they are made with real unicorn tears for extra healing power. MLIA


favorite words atm.



smexhaired Sungmin + longhaired Seogun + Japanese porn = happiness
i miss Sungmin's hair lalalalalalalalalalalala.

cave in

If the bombs go off, the sun will still be shining
Because we've heard it said that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining


winter is coming..

pretty picture..

g-dragon craze

diz iz a picpost. lots of 'em!

19" Jiyong. Ily.

I LOVE THOSE GLOVES AND I LOVE SEOGUN'S HAT. i didn't approve of him cutting off his long sexy (/drool) hair but with the hat on it looks quite cute.

i actually didn't notice he had that in his mouth until i saw hq_bigbang@livejournal's layout header, rofl. what is that, anyway?

CHU! ;*

this had me laugh so bad. those two are so much love. JSMining heart G-Dragon xD and lmao i think that's hongshi doing a V in the background, his eye looked really freaky so i cropped it out lol. oh and i LOVE Sungmin's haircolor. i hope he'll let his hair grow out now. i really miss his awesomesmextastichairstyle.

LOL @ Seogun's cute pose and Sungmin with that flower in his mouth.. so cute. :'3 oh and i love Jiyong's jacket. it makes me happy.


only cause i found Sungmin having braids in his hair hilarious.

/end of picspam




ugh.... such a slow day. been watching Transformers 2 and sorting my image folders.. oh and i watched Spirited Away last night. went to bed at 3. mom wanted me to go buy some stuff but i was too lazy to bother. i need to shower, rofl. haven't showered for a week + ... /yawn.
wow i just realized downloading in Wyzo is a lot faster than Firefox. 1.0MB/s (!) from Mediafire. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) o_o amazing. absolutely amazing!

....... fucking headache.



found this in an open wordpad document.. /yawn. ep3 plz.

watching first episode of sg-u.. omg imma love this
i love eli already.
"can i get some pants?" xD
OMG DANIEL JACKSON. he's so hot. /drool
chloe.. name noted.
omg... life-support system failing. nightmare x_x
mind playing tricks on me. ah. confusing when they cut scenes like that.
"mathboy"? ah. lame.
gosh, that guy's so hot. for his age. :x don't cry!
BOOM! scary x_x omg shaking
"reset" sounds sexy. shit i need to redl SJ's latest album. press the reset..
anger management issues? idk how that's written.
boom boom boom boom boom omg sexy booms
i don't get what eli's talking about. i feel dumb.
/kicks young YOU'RE STUPID
oh my shiny
galaxies galaxies galaxies.. shiny shiny shiny
gogogoogogogogogogogoogogogo hurry!
i wonder what's in that bag?
boom boom
holy shit the whole planet blew up
PENTAGON! i wanna work there :D
yay sam is aliiiive...
pretty ancient ship.. just needs some polishing *-*
"don't touch, just look" i bet someone's gonna push some button..
LOL that ghost hunter ad scared me x_x
uh oh...
"we gotta at least open a few doors.." "do we? do we really?" xD
"red is usually bad, isn't it?"
LOL indeed.
if that got repaired though it would be sooooooo pretty
united states' senator is a bitch.
"i don't recognize your authority" DOES ERIKA NEED TO SLAP A BITCH? SRSLY
all bitches -_- /slapslapslapslapslap
oh my. that's a leader.
dr. rush.. name noted. hot old man.
i need to peeeeee..... a bit.
only 35min left T_T i can't wait for next ep already
gosh... she's really a bitch.
he's a bitch too -_-
elevator! wee
shiny flying thing! weeeeeeeeeeeeee
yay, he's paralized. no more troubles from young!
woooooo a flying camera
eli's smart
"do you want one?" "it's not a gumball machine, eli" LOL.
ok a bit creepy right there ah
"flying camera ball, i'm calling it a kino" or ceeno or cemo or whatever
ewwwwww what is that
such a wuss
DON'T TAKE THOSE STUPID PILLS D: GAWSH <- mom taking the same pills.. she freaks of paper cuts or if the cat scratched her..
ah good girl. took those pills away from him. :D
acid... D:
"we're all gonna die" /kicks
UHOH. OOPS. gosh. that was scary.
roflmao that's freaking super hilarious
i love you eli.
exactly. period.
20min left.. waaa
i like you, sir.
i do not like you, bitch.
senator armstrong is kinda... wtf?
senator, i love you.
aw..... sad. T_T
holy shit. ._.
speaking logic. sounds shitty. but still true.
-_- /kicks young very super ultimate hard
wow dr. rush knows his priorities
nosebleed. ._. random.
ridiculous, indeed.
what's happening? x_x
dr. rush is right!
dr. rush is smart
i want an icarus badge.
peetime. then ncis time. no more notes. /yawn


11246.) Sometimes I wish I had an eating disorder so I could get rid of all my body issues.



/yawn... boring day. woke up around 1pm, been watching 90210, Medium, Ncis etc.. i feel lonely. :( it's not like me. weird, mhm. i ripped a bunch of CDs today. i haven't listened to Lovescream in so long. i missed 쉿 so much. i can listen to that song for hours and hours and hours on repeat.. it's amazing. tablo is amazing. i think i'm gonna order his book.. might need to cancel my Aion subsription if i don't get money soon. 100sek/month is expensive. HA. i never thought i'd say that.. but it's a lot for a game. i really want Epik High's new album as well, but i don't think i can afford it. the book alone is 174sek.. oh shoot, i really need Eternal Morning's album too. gawd. i really can't get enough of him. hm... oh whatever. i'm ordering the book and [e] from YesAsia now. i'll wait to order soundstrack to a lost film.. argh. now i'm stuck looking at the bestseller list. -_- so tempting. ok nvm. getting Your Pieces, [e], [e] poster and a Shin Hyesung poster for free rofl. i don't even like him.. but why not? the poster's pretty and.. i'll just go dl his album and i might like him.. lol.

yay. ordered. estimated arrival on october 18th.. can't wait!



ha.... tired. had some driver problems earlier. had to yell at mom to get my laptop so i could dl drivers for the wireless adapter for my dekstop.. lol. it was tiring. been installing a bunch of programs. now downloading tons of stuff.. need to catch up with my tv-shows. :/ i want faster internet! holy shit house just finished downloading omgomgomgomgomg


in case is lose my plurks..

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LH2407ZP old pics 06-07
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K08WJ0WW lazy bin 07-08
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VCSF3J57 JSMining pics
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X63GQ1X0 gifs
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5MFS0Q21 more gifs
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3ACVRAP2 081227 vids with kornelius. 1gb+.. need premium account -_-
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G7S2QG4X 090817 vids


found this in an open wordpad document.

i don't have arial black on my computer. i'm amazing.
alt + arrow key (in textmode) = love
i ran out of tutorials. /cry
it's 4.22am.. i'm kinda tired.
but dunwanna give in to bed.
but imma do that anyway.
잘자 /waves

i really need to fix the audio on my computer.
my last.fm is starving! D:

öhm.. i've been a bit annoyed the past two days.
been reading blogs too much. came across a lot of school-stories and grades and ugh..
i regret dropping the IV-program. i give up too easily.
i'll never have grades to be proud of. :/ i'm about to cry, lol.
so pathetic.



VAR JAG UPPE HELA NATTEN :D underbart! saknat det. bara sitta och läsa bloggar och se på tv. jag somnade typ vid 6, och vaknade sen vid 1. dammsög (1 eller 2 m?) hela lägenheten (dansade runt till super junior m's super girl.. xD), rensade ur kattlådorna och lekte med Ai. det är ju sjukt komplicerat. ._o men tutorials step by step finns ju. underbara tutorials.. haha.

och Dollar fastnade i mitt täcke idag. det var gulligt. han kröp in i lakanet på nått sätt, och sen hittade han inte ut igen. så han gnydde sådära supergulligt för att jag skulle hjälpa honom ut, haha. underbara Dollar.. ily :*

mini-plantan som Jun gav mej när han var här har dött... /cry. jag är ett sånt misslyckande! jag lyckas aldrig hålla växter vid liv. och att det var han som gav mej den känns ju inte bättre. för faen.. jag önskar jag kunde flytta till singapore asap. avståndet tar livet av mej.


oj. jag insåg precis att det är oktober. hej oktober.
oktober är en fin månad. :)

tove östman in maj hart!

ursch. ursch ursch ursch. jag hatar millimetrar, centimetrar, metrar, kilometrar och mil. jag vill se på film hela natten. med min älskade pojke. som bor... hur många mil härifrån? /googlar

öhm. ~9655 km.
är det typ tusen mil? ._o jag har ingen aning.

men iaf. karolina och tove ägde idol ikväll! är så förälskad i tove. hon är så söt. :) och har en underbar röst. karolina är ok, men inte direkt min stil. men det är ju helt klart dom två som går vidare till kvalfinalen imorgon. jag röstade på tove, haha. tror jag kommer hålla på henne under hela säsongen.. kommer inte ihåg att jag haft nån favorit direkt sedan de tidigare säsongerna. har nog bara röstat ett par gånger.. men hoppas hon inte vinner denna säsong. seriöst! man ser ju aldrig mycket av vinnarna efter idol. men tvåorna däremot.. haha. men. öhm. omg hon måste ju ha en blogg. eller hur? hon tycker ju om att läsa andra bloggar. ("fjortisbloggar, dom fascinerar mej" lul) men hittar ingen.. google google google. OMFG HON HAR EN DIANA. OMGOMGOMGOMOGMOMGOMG. jag älskar henne.

nu räcker det med svenska.


there's puss coming out of my belly button. it smells. D: anyways. i couldn't sleep last night. i think i was awake until 3am or so listening to music. i slept until 2pm, haha. i think i'm starting to slip into my hibernation-phase :D yay, that time of year. staying up all night doing whatever, then sleeping all day. i miss last winter. ah. hurry up, snow!


nubpanda > quisms.
men ursch då.

ursch is a pretty word. :)
the bird is here and we are off to wherever those wings take us
the atmosphere is crawling with airlines
that wind through the clouds and look down on the crowds
relax your back and let the noise sing you to sleep in my arms
if you awake before we arrive i will carry you down and i won't make a sound
the scent is strong as we move on and breathe in the pristine crime scene
the false veneer is old like a substitute volunteer from, oh, some other year
i'm just a show as far as i can tell, so i paint my eyes a light green
the silver beams are twirling and swirling throughout your dreams like air traffic streams

some swedish

jag behöver
nytt te att dricka
nya böcker att läsa
ny musik att höra



i'm getting really nervous. x_x i won't be able to sleep tonight. i'll be so tired tomorrow, rofl. LA chA TA is on repeat.... lul SME. *insert tons of fangirling darn html cut out here, anyway i went on to talk about wanting to watch their debut performance live. *sigh** but jun will be here... haha. oh well. missing a debut performance isn't a big thing, right? right? ........... it kinda is. x_x i need to install TVants on my laptop and dig up my KBS/SBS/MBC passwords.. oh and do they have a fansite already? naver naver naver yes, this is how i keep my anxiety and nervosity away. fandom, plzkthx.

LA LA 이렇게 chA~ chA chA 로 AH~!
신난다고 야~ 라차 라차 타타

i love it.


i want tomorrow.
time passes way too slow.
i can't wait................


noone's ever gonna see this title unless i change theme!!!!

just got a post-card from Sanni... i haven't talked to her in ages, i'm so surprised, haha. apparently Cambodia is hot and cheap and she ate a fried spider. omg i'm so jealous D: i wanna go do Cambodia tooooooooooo. well... actually i just wanna get out of Stockholm. i wanna travel.... anywhere. >_<


THERE. now i'm not gonna change that darn gif anymore. i will not look in my image folder ever again..... for a few days. found an old gif from beginning of last year. i miss my black hair! i've decided to dye it back to black. i WILL do it! >:|

anyway. i'm so confused. in the saltwater room-song in my playlist (on the blog) the girl sings "time is just never quite enough", while in the song on my album rip she sings "time isn't ever quite enough". or i'm just hearing wrong? idek. it really bothers me. i'm PRETTY sure i'm not hearing wrong. i guess the one on my blog is an earlier version. wiki wiki wiki.

ah... seems like the version on my blog is from Maybe I'm Dreaming.
the one i've been listening to on repeat on my kube is from Ocean Eyes.


changed gif again. key's butt pushed down my shoutbox, lul.
will change it again later when i've looked through all of them.
added Owl City's The Saltwater Room to the playlist as well.

there we go

banner replaced by a gif i made from last year's Music Core (or Music Bank?) special stage with SHINee and KARA. looked through all my gifs, cause i was too lazy to make a new banner.. and to look back a bit. i miss those times. i miss SHINee. i'm almost 100% i'm close to getting back into fandom.. i'll start by writing down their coming schedules and look around shineee.net and their soompi thread and bestiz.. i miss shinee-ing. i wonder if they changed their level-up process to something simpler.. that i can understand, rofl. i'll go look later. anyway, i miss my gifs and i miss my boys. so here's one of my favs.

erm... ok. 2 of my favs.

this is from Star Golden Bell back in January/February.. (i made it on Feb. 4th so?) he was talking about their trip to Thailand and how either the elephant or the crocodile show was scary... rofl. he's so adorable. you can't tell he's the oldest. 우리 온리다..

this is from their Taiwan trip over christmas last year, though i'm pretty sure Azio didn't air this until like.. February. or something. cause i made this on February 10th, lol. (yes, i dated my gifs) the MC was so cute, and the 2 biggest dorks of the group.... OnKey, anyone? when it comes down to it i've always preferred OnKey and HyunMin, but then when i catch a glorious JongKey moment i completely turn OnTae and JongKey. it's weird, no? the power of JongKey....

and because i can't help myself; a gif of Sungmin from one of Big Bang's concert DVDs. (i think)

not made by me, credit to the tagged :) found this on his fancafe. i want that JSM sign so bad<3333333333 i miss fangirling him. and looking out for him in every Big Bang video, lulz. i remember when i watched some Big Bang video from Japan MTV on youtube, and i was like HOLYFUCKINGSHITISTHATJSM? and it waaaaaaaaas. so i ripped the video, made 3 cute gifs, messaged one of them to him on Cyworld. i wrote "look who i found! so cute haha" or something like that. and. HE MESSAGED ME BACK. <- i died, seriously rofl. he was so cute, "고마워^^".
*insert super-aw* anyway, i miss his old hair. now imma go see if TROOP has any updates.
and SHINee time. i feel so good. :D



font sizes changed
post width changed
will changed banner tomorrow..
i missed editing codes. ♡


there we go.... decent layout :D
gonna change banner later..
and change some stuff like fonts.



wants a new blogspot layout already. i never last long with dark layouts..... rofl. i want a light layout with no images. just text. simple is almost always best. but i just can't find one i like. searching is tiresome... :(


I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
'Cause my dreams are bursting at the seams

such a beautiful song. ♡


i hate being sick.

fever... 38.1. i feel like crap.
haven't eaten anything.
2 glasses of orange/apple/mandarin juice.
i'm cold then i'm warm.
ear ache.
body ache, though not as bad as yesterday.
runny nose, -"-.

i can't sleep.. ugh.

catching up with Mental.
"I hate pain" so do i, Leonard.

i'm freezing........


dis iz blog entry

today was "eventful".

told mom jun's coming
  • she asked if i wanted her to buy me condoms
i am sick
  • + fever! wow that's rare
i finally figured out how to make blogger layouts work
  • yo i'm a genious
brother came over for dinner
  • chicken, rice and orange gravy! <3
mom wouldn't let me eat in the kitchen cause i would cough all over the food
  • nice, cause she usually have to force me to eat together with her..
bro did not figure out how to fix my computer.
  • however he tipped me to do the cmd /scannow thing.. dunno if it worked.
  • and yes, he tipped me over the phone. most awkward conversation ever.
watched harry potter and the goblet of fire.
  • i cry every time. robert pattinson<3
i am so dizzy
i like making lists like this!
shane is a bitch. :D
my ears hurt
my head hurts
my throat hurts
my nose hurts
my whole body hurts
  • still, life feels ok. why is that?

note to self; school starts 10:20 tuesday next week. 1st tuesday of the month we get an extra hour sleeping in.. happy!


screen fixed, layout fixed. happy. :D
hello blogspot!
now how do i import my livejournal posts to this thing?

gosh livejournal is too complicated.. i can't bother importing all those entries here.
i guess it's a brand new start then. :)