don't know what to say

우리 예전처럼
다시 처음처럼
아무렇지 않은 듯
널 사랑할 수 있을까?

god i love Korean and god i love BoA's voice and god i love this song..
you know that we can fix it again~

i love her


Romanen är fantastisk, filmen är fantastisk, båda mao, men med olika uttryckssätt blir de magnifika. Jag älskar romanen till fullo. Men filmatiseringen är väl så underbar, visst den är inte identisk med boken, men så kan det inte heller vara. Vi måste se de olika mediernas uttryckssätt och fullkomlighet. Filmen har ju andra dimensioner som inte romanen har och tvärtom. Full pott till filmen. Jag njöt fullkomligt under dessa två timmar den varade.

visa ord från en Marianne på DN's Norwegian Wood recension.

is nice

we're right now. i need to learn to get out of my comfort zone more often.. things aren't as scary as i make them out to be in my head.

today i payed extra attention to Dollar. he seemed a bit down today. cleaned some dishes, cleaned the cats water bowlthingy (long overdue) and went grocery shopping. it was less cold enough to walk outside with my jacket unzipped today. bought some 70% cocoa with raspberry. i'm almost done with Norwegian Wood.. and it was like what, 3-4 months since i started reading it? i started reading the wind-up bird chronicle at first but it was so thick and i felt unmotivated to continue, but now i feel ready to take it on again. i really love murakami. although i prefer the supernatural/fantasy/wut stuff in his books, i still adore Norwegian Wood. i really can't wait for the movie, obviously impossible to be as good as the book but i'm sure it'll be wonderful when not compared.. *pause in writing entry, shouts for mom, books two tickets for tomorrow*

ah. looking forward to it. time to study a bit.

DTP Uppgift 9; Kolorering




Niclas Boman.




omg can't wait. :) non-stop TERA April 2nd and 3rd! feels like ages since i played KOBT, i missed the game so much. :D will be rolling Baraka.. not sure what class. Mystic, probably. want to see what the class is like without 239473294 ping. shame the Elins are disabled for this event, would really like to make an Elin Berserker. ah well. i'm not sure if i like the Archer anymore either. just feels like Mystic is my thing rn, i never played much support classes in my previous games. looking forward to it.

gonna work hard on my school work to not end up with last-minute stuff as i won't have time for it. :@ social studies are so boring though. at least religion is interesting!


rest of the year

daily schedule until end of may:
7:00 wake up
have breakfast
brush teeth
have lunch
have dinner
take bath
brush teeth

daily schedule this summer:
end up in hospital
die (doubtful)

daily schedule this fall/winter:
unknown? school? work? game game game?


HUNGRIIIIIIG. ska strax äta lite knäckebrödsfrukost. dog i går kväll. ska det sitta ihop eller nått? låg i sängen och lyssnade på Blue Foundation och läste Norwegian Wood och sen lekte jag med min telefon ficklampa och en hårklämma som gjorde massa fina mönster i taket. den åt upp mig. sen fick jag kreativryck och lyssnade på BoA's 한별 med finaste sångaren från Nell. så otroligt fin och Nell-ig låt, önskar han kollaborerar med fler SM artister i framtiden. kluddade några sidor i min Moleskine. gjorde inte klar någon utav sidorna, men men. ska göra klart dom någon annan gång när jag är på finfin humör. :) somnade sött och vaknade vid 5:30 för jag skulle kolla på soluppgången. men det var redan så just ute så jag somnade om ist. var en finfin natt. har fjärilar i magen.

I was given wine
We feeling okay?
And we're quite all right
You wash my tears away
And make me wanna stay
If bonfires lit up the shores

What far, far way
To go beside you
Is where I want to be
What far, far way
To laugh, to love
To la la la la la

Days are roses and wine
Drifting astray
Wear your hand in mine
You stroke my fears away
And make me wanna stay
If bonfires lit up the shores

What far, far way
To go beside you
Is where I want to be
What far, far way
To laugh, to love
To la la la la la

What far, far way
Where to go and hide it?
We're going to the sea
What far, far way
To laugh, to love
To la la la la la

This is how it went;
I am here to stay
Roaring with the wind
There's life within

This is what I give
A circle is complete
Another circle spins
There's life within



halfway through my 3rd Moleskine. the first 2 were pocket volante's with plain paper, 3rd is hardback pocket with plain paper. the next one i'm buying will be a hardback large with plain paper. will last a long time. thinking of getting a 12 month daily planner too, extra small. for little stuff. i'm planning on getting an Instax (when i can afford one) and taking one daily picture of Tolga when i'm with him, then putting them in a Moleskine. not sure what the exact measurements are for Instax photos, but i think the extra small would be ok size? maybe pocket size. once you go Moleskine you never go back. true for me, at least. the paper has spoiled me.

grey oceans

in heaven worm souls flutter
they flutter by with rosaries
dangling from their necks
german shepherds guide by nightfall
little kinder dressed in starlight
inside i feel like i'm crying besides a tree
i'm watching myself like an old movie on color TV
when people whisper in Portuguese
its just as mysterious
and the stubble on his face
it hurt me when
when we fell onto each other's faces
dawn retraces heart ached patterns across grey oceans
windows brighten up the room
and one could cast a smooth worn lover's stone
worn smooth from days of fertile deliberation


black poppies

could never get sick of them. only thing that sucks with CocoRosie is that they're a lot better live than on CD. seeing them live in person would be one of the greatest experiences in my life. can't wait until that dream comes true. it's like they're not human.


almost blew off the brygga/jetty/bridge (lol english), the wind was so strong. :| wtb summer.


girl's day

prefer the "sexy" version of them. they are awesome though. i'm in love with Hyeri. i want to put her in my pocket and i want to pet her because she is so cute. and Minah looks like she's taken out of an awesome Korean comedy drama. boys over flowers to be exact.


Dtp Uppgift 8; Temauppgift

Jag valde foldertypen gate.

"Utsida" på bladet:

"Insida" på bladet:



låten gör hela filmen.

lite roligt

för några månader sedan så slog jag på tvn. jag ser aldrig på tv, så det var ett speciellt tillfälle. det gick någon superfin dokumentär på svt som heter "om natten". googlade den dagen efter, men glömde bort den snabbt. för några månader sedan hittade jag finaste bloggen. ikväll sitter jag och läser fina kärleks texter och gråter lite, och hittar det här. världen är så liten.


day started out nice. spent an hour in bed watching NHK and sobbing a bit, eventually it got too warm in my bed so i got up to open a window and listen to the spring birds. watched californication (awesome episode) and had a cup of tea. had a semi-panic attack. took a couple of painkillers for the headache, worked for about 15min. really need to do some school work. perhaps i'm getting sick.


TGC Favorites

kollade på Tokyo Girls Collection live för några dagar sedan, och nu har de laddat upp en del videos som sammanfattar showen! super :)




börjat med Religionkunskap A

och tyckte första uppgiften var himlans intressant, så jag pastar den här också.

Att påverka andra och att samspela i spelet som kallas "livet" ger mitt liv mening. Att bara göra så att en person tar ett extra steg åt höger när dom går förbi mig på stan ger mitt liv mening. Det minsta lilla som att existera innebär ger mitt liv mening. Att existera gör mig glad, inte vanligt glad på utsidan, men glad innerst inne, även om jag är ensam eller inte har tillgång till diverse objekt som kanske underhåller mig, eller om jag bara kan gråta. Även om jag kanske inte känner det just då, så är jag glad för att existera. Just eftersom jag vet att bara att existera påverkar andra.

Jag tror inte ondska finns, inte egentligen. I mina ögon är ordet ”ondska” en ursäkt för vissa människors handlingar. När jag tänker på ordet ondska så tänker jag på Hitler, jag tänker på krig, kriminella och mördare, och djävular. Men jag tror inte de är onda. Jag tror inte på djävulen heller. Dom har inte någon slags "evil force" som genomsyrar dom. Jag tror dom har en egen uppfattning om vad som är rätt och fel, och jag tror dom har en annan syn på samhället överhuvudtaget. Jag vill inte dömma andra som "onda", även om jag fördömmer deras handlingar eller inte håller med deras åsikter.

Finns det någon svårare fråga att svara på?

De vars åsikter jag respekterar när det gäller mina egna handlingar och tankar är få. Kanske min mamma, men definitivt min pojkvän som står mig väldigt nära. Annars tycker jag "sköt dig själv och skit i andra" stämmer rätt bra in på min attityd ibland. Folk får ha sina åsikter så länge jag får ha mina. Självklart är jag villig att diskutera, men jag tänker inte acceptera att någon tvingar på mig sina åsikter för att dom vill att jag ska tycka lika. Jag vill heller inte tvinga på någon annan mina åsikter.

Jag vill egentligen inte tro på att varken Gud eller big bang skapade världen. För mig låter båda historierna bara som propaganda som matats till människor väldigt länge, som vi lärt oss att tro på. Hur kan vi veta att något av det är sant? Jag är nyfiken av mig, Google är min bästa vän, men helst skulle jag vilja ta reda på hur och varför världen skapades själv. Dock tror jag det är omöjligt att veta helt säkert.

Vi blir en med moder jord och börjar om i jordens kretslopp.

Jag skulle vilja det, men jag skulle aldrig tro helt på det om jag inte sett bevis med mina egna ögon.


Var som helst där man kan ligga ostört och bekvämt och titta på himlen.


dör. hittade världens roligaste när jag kollade igenom gamla box.net filer. ååååååååh.

visserligen är väl detta mest roligt för SHINee fans och dom som fattar Koreanska. men åh. vilka minnen. :')
"진짜 왜 이래세요?!", "날 좀 봐~!", "종현형 사랑해요!", "뭐야~?". aah. bäst.

DTP Uppgift 7; Mönster


(ladda ner för .Ai)

B Alt.1:

(samma som ovan)

tomboy gone nuts

some things i used to hate or had no interest in until i fell in love and started coming out of my depression. :)

1. Sun. i used to despise summer, winter was my season. i suddenly love the idea of summer and sun and heat. maybe because i'm daydreaming of walking on the beach together with the love of my life. i still love rain more than any weather, though. espescially during summer! warm rains, thunders and lightnings = heaven.

2. Flowers. i have never had any interest in flowers before. and my view of flower patterned clothes was.. well, i would never had considered putting a flowery dress on. ever. and for some reason, there might be a specific one that triggered it that i can not recall at the moment, i am suddenly a big fan of the flowers. my current favorite word is the latin name for the family of the Poppy. i used to hate the way Poppies looked.

3. Dresses. i've always had a few skirts that i used to wear a lot, but i've also always preferred wearing pants. dresses have usually been completely out of the question. now i can't wait for summer to just put a dress on and feel the wind on my bare legs. yes. really.

4. Lingerie. i have hated bras. i used to be the girl who would always wear hipsters and hotpants. as any other girl i had a thong-phase in my early teens, but that passed rather quickly. perhaps i have just discovered a wish to please my boyfriend, but i have come to realize that when you wear things you find pretty, even underneath something you don't find as pretty and that you can't really "show off", you feel happier with yourself. i've worn the same bras for years. obviously i have grown out of most of them, and they're quite uncomfortable these days. but i have never bothered enough to buy new ones. can't even think of a reason not to buy a pretty, comfortable new bra right now. bras are awesome. espescially when they are comfortable.

5. Caring. i just feel interested to participate in discussions more, i feel more willing to communicate with other people. i genuinely care (at least a little bit!) for the people i sometimes chat with, although i barely know them. i used to not give a fuck. i still don't give a fuck a lot of times, but it feels like i'm in the middle of taking a big step.

moving in the right direction. :) i'm ready to have my life moving. all that's left is friends, a job, and being able to not have to get on a two hour flight to see my boyfriend.

anyway, although noone cares, i've been shopping summer clothes. i spent my past two months CSN money on 20+ items from H&M. yes... Y SO FEMALE. totally having anxiety right now, wish i saved the money. even though i can't wait to get what i ordered. gah! at least they're awfully cheap, and normally they have a lot higher quality on their clothes than ie. Ellos.

Accessories & Etc.

the "big buy". i fell in love with it. isn't it adorable? better be worth every öre.

after reading Will in W.i.t.c.h.'s favorite gloss was mint-flavored, i obviously had to try it. i loved it. but i haven't had any mint gloss since the previous one i had went in the trash. i love watermelon, so this seems to be a win-win. yes, when it comes to lipgloss the smell and flavor is more important than looks.

i found a very similar bracelet on Indiska yesterday, but in silver. random.

this is more of a necessity. we've lost our cathair brushes while moving, and all my clothes are hairy. i love cats but i wish they had no fur. (yes, i love nude cats.)

it was hard deciding between gold and silver. i decided i liked the blue better than the brown. i hope i won't regret it. i'm seriously in a gold-phase right now.

And such.

And the rest.

the orange-flowered ones were adorable. hope i won't regret choosing the black ones. :@

i really wasn't sure about this dress. then i saw it at the store and got to feel it. definitely a real summer dress.


i can't wait for Blowfish's new Rift PVP videos, even though i don't like Rift very much. but Blowfish is amazing and stuff so i'm like fangirling. my favorite videos:

my no.1 favorite video by Blowfish :D mostly because it's focused on the PvP and not over-edited.


this video is so entertaining, but not because of the PvP. :D

this is going to be sooooooo awesome i can't wait to see what he comes up with next :D