mens i have to wordssssss.

- getting ready to spend money on course litterature omfg excited books
- guys guys guys exo is having their comeback this weekend i am peeing myself growl is perfect i love music show staffs who leak things for us
- life is awesome and easy with tolga only he leaves in 9 days :(
- f(x) made their comeback with a shitty track (SMENT WTF IS THIS TREND WITH SHITTY TITLE TRACKS??!?!) and their album is perfect an D.O. is in it omfg
- i am so ready for this fall.. first thing i'm doing when tolga leaves is backlog what exo stuff i missed (HAPPY CAMP T_T) and going to repeat AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL THE MATHS. looking forward to clinging to Khan Academy yet again. i also want to get a haircut because holy fuck i am sick of this radiator of a hairlength. also new semester means csn and new school materials to buy. c:

alsooooooo tolga somewhat fixed my pc so that i can play some games on it now. i am so happy.

meanwhile razer sucks and all of the d's in this post are copypasted.




uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. BODY IS SO EXHAUSTED. yesterday was my last doggy sitting day for the week and maybe even for the summer. mom left for gotland. the first thing i did after she left was blast my beloved bulletproof boyscouts and throw out the trash that has been sitting in the hallway for ages, ie. my old computer chair and the old kitchen floor. i didn't think the kitchen floor would be such hard work to throw out? it didn't look like much and the floor boards were a lot heavier than i thought... took like almost an hour to get everything gone. but i did everything and this morning i cleaned up and put some old carpets on the tiles. it feels so spacious. this morning i immediately showered as i got out of bed and then did the dishes and had breakfast. theeeeen i didn't do much until MUSIC BANKS MID-YEAR SPECIAL WHICH WAS AWEEEEEEEESOME EXO WORE BLUE WOLF 88 OUTFITS AND THEY PERFORMED SHINEE's WHY SO SERIOUS? AND SNSD AND TEEN TOP AND UHM LOTS OF AWESOME GROUPS PERFORMED IT WAS SO FUN and after that i left for the bank and some shopping cus i realized my favorite cardigan was ruined in the laundry (DUMB I AM SO DUMB WHY). it was kind of beige and had brown elbow patches but it ended up kinda.... greyish/blueish :( so sad. BUT i found a really nice green cardigan on h&m that i'm really happy with and then i bought some other things that i spent a bit too much money on and i spent 50kr on a really shitty surprise goodie bag OH WELL. h&m had a huge sale but i could find nothing that i liked on sale????? idek. i'm happy with my purchases. u_u anywaaaaay i still have cleaning to do before tolga arrives but there's really nothing else. it's going to be quite an uneventful weekend i'm expecting, cleaning and lots of fangirling over exo on variety shows. monday is museum day and tuesday is finally tolga arrival day. it feels kind of bittersweet... exo are wrapping up their wolf promotions soon so i won't be missing out on too much fangirling when tolga is here i hope. i'll still probably suffer from some withdrawal HAHAH. :( i'm going to have to keep track on the things i won't have time to watch while he's here, probably shimshimtapa and sukira appearances. i think i'll be able to force some time for weekly idol and possibly 20's choice awards if they attend though. aaaah. good times. good summer. let's dance. after watching weekly space hangout.