laptops make all the difference

i need a change of environment. this is why i move stuff around my room quite often. i find myself at a standstill and i can't focus and i end up loathing studying in my room. they're replacing the windows in our apartment next week so i'm taking the opportunity to do it again, since i will need to move stuff around anyhow.

in other news hormone war promotions are ending. it was fun. felt like 진격 times almost. namjoon and yoongi are back to working on music into the early mornings. it feels familiar. so much like last year. nice and safe.
zico keeps messing up and it hurt a lot this time. buckwilds members and other people and fans keep defending him. we're "overreacting", "it's just a word". (!!) so much for equality, right. reminds me of the people who keep arguing we should keep the n-word in that fucking aged word for chocolate ball. there are absolutely zero reasons to use slurs towards someone. none. if you want to insult someone use another word. it's not difficult. i wish he'd realise what he did wrong and apologise so i could go back to listening to him without feeling shitty. meanwhile his korean fans act like it's a fucking joke and the buckwilds members defending him is killing me.
android's shifting over to lollipop and i feel like i'm geeking out over app updates daily these days. also got into the closed beta of the new naver mail app.. i hated the old app, it made naver mail a pain to use, but the new one is a breeze. new gmail is brilliant as well. i like inbox quite a bit but not being able to use my domain email is a huge obstacle i can't get past. having to re-direct my emails back to my backup email is just really annoying. now i'm just anticipating the new google calendar app, i'm using solcalendar for now which is fine. i'd love to see a new naver dictionary app with naver's new translation service baked in. nate comics got an update not too long ago but that app is still shit. mmm. i've been using workflowy to compile my notes for school but the bullet limit keeps getting on my nerves. so i tried using onenote but that program sucks ass on desktop. (not to mention windows 8 is a pain) keep is too basic. google drive isn't what i want really. my next step is probably trying out evernote. hopefully the free version isn't too restrictive. and that's the end of my geek ramble.. two exams and one oral test in the same week coming up soon. good luck, erika.