i don't want to go to bed........................ i'm going to have nightmares. about tortured and dead cats. i really don't understand how people can do stuff like that to animals, or humans. some people are just sick. i feel sick... i can't get those stupid images out of my head. everytime i look at Sunny i see her dead, hanging by a string all bloody.............................. /cry


santa shugo's coming to tooown~

Merry Christmas!
no santa shugo candies in mail today... somewhat disappointed. gief gifts, NC! :( free game time would be even better.. but at least i'm getting my atk speed title and "forbidden dance" emote in 5 days. i can't wait to get those 6 month veteran wings. 3 months left!





everytime i lay my eyes on him i feel so proud. :| oh baby taemin. you've grown so much in so many ways. brb i need to cry. he was my favorite back when they debuted in may 2008, and even though i pended between jonghyun and key-obsessions he's always been special to me. 사랑해

oh and the mics/sound system on Korea Human Daesang was just... /speechless. i loved it. incredibly good sound and clear voices. plz let SBS have the same stuff at Gayo Daejun.

/fangirlmode: off


.... ㅡㅅㅡ 죽어 (마르코Quote) 난 왜 이렇게~~~~~~~~~ 미쳤어 정말 미쳤어 (손담비의 노래ㅋ)

you can't caps in korean which is stupid. so i'll just resize this into rediculously large letters. love html!

sepe. sepepepepeppesepe. 미쳤다. -ㅅ- 어디 있어? 보고 싶어 ㅎㅅㅎ
... 조금만 ㅋ 돌아와줘! 빨리! 그 목소리 정말 많이 보고 싶어서, 빨리 돌아와줘.ㅠ

이 글은 뭐ㅋㅋㅋ

근데 진실이다


christmas :D

i wish they got the seasons-feature ready for this. would be so cool if we got a snowy pandaemonium.

first thing i did when servers got up yesterday was teleporting to panda :D love it!

christmas tree and fireworks and pressies! love the BGM as well.
and yes, i completely forgot to turn my water settings up. lol.

the giant piano xD we put together an alliance and tried playing a bit but people kept interrupting and jumping around. :/ but it was so much fun!

and did some rifting in the middle of the night. seems like NC cleaned out the bots again. barely any elyos to kill. :( but we ran into this giant ugly monkey. personally, i like Gojira more. why does Elyos have all the cool stuff?!



if i were world leader id kill all retards like that and put their bodies on sticks that are attached to the satelites orbiting earth, so the aliens that pass by can see the shame of Earth



:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I LUFF HEIRON! ran away from a couple of elyos, ran straight into this guy and went O_O and screamed and died. fantastic. :D dinos to asmodae plz!


i love GDA

imma die of fangirl spazms soon.

highlights of this video;
1. K.R.Y opening with Sorry Sorry - Answer. gave me goosebumps all over my body. though ryeo totally cracked/slipped/wtfd in his first line. but omfg kyuhyun's beauty totally struck me.
2. the curtains opening with all the boys standing there singing and the lights behind, goosebump goosebumps omfg goosebumps.
3. EunHae's rap. sdjhfkjhsdfkd. sexy. i hated donghae's sunglasses tough. wtf? :(
4. close-up on sungmin during the nanalala part ily cameraman
5. remixed the beginning of Sorry Sorry! awesome. something tells me that small part was from a new song. can't recognize the lyrics. oh and heechul, plz cut your hairs at least a little bit.
6. micproblems? wtf GDA.
7. sdjhfkdsjhfkdsjhfkdjhs eunhyuk during the dance break omfg
8. E.L.F's chants. aw.
9. SHINEE'S TABLE! :D jonghyun, onew and taemin singing along xD omggggg taemni adorable much?!
10. heechul..................... at least put it in a pony tail? pretty please?
11. i love EunHae's little dance before shiwon stepped forward with his jacket unbuttonned and.... holy mother of god.

moar fangirl spazms.

1. i do prefer f(x) version of Chocolate Love, but........ KJSHDKJHSD. THAT INTRO WAS JUST? ........ TEASE. i love the fluffy thingies.
2. ok mics srsly wtf GDA.
6. OMG TAEYEON OMG. i want that bracelet.
7. ROFLMAO. Shindong, Eunhyuk and Sungmin dancing along with the posters. XD
8. oh my god.............................. yuri why are you so fucking god damn gorgeous?
9. tiffany did you just poke your nose?
10. sexy sunny is sexy. didn't know that was possible. well, the genie mv was an exception. jesus i need to re-dl that in 1080p.
11. gee. brb fainting. i love that song so much. do i have it on my hd still?!
12. guitars? wtf? that's so not gee ;_; nuu
13. i can haz original gee pl0x.
14. adorable sunny is adorable.
15. was that the mic or is something wrong with taeyeon's voice? :(
16. i miss the colorful skinny jeans. i hate fake leather pants. sorry girls. ;/

too lazy to find epik high's perfs on yt cause akp put up egloos embed. but kdhfksjhdf the dancer's choreo to high technology was AWESOME. i still don't like wannabe that much, but tablo's glasses were awesome. and MYK and Dok2. sfsdjhfkjsdhfksd. idk what was going on with heechul, shindong and hangeng though............. but it had me fall out of my chair laughing.

and ofc....

can't forget about SMTOWN's tribute to MJ. english had me lol, but it was awesome. seeing my favorite groups on the same stage makes me feel all tingely.

the end, of fangirl spaz. it wasn't even that bad! just... long. i should stop blogging and start taking notes again.



today was good.
then i watched 90210.
and now i'm emo. lawl.
jasper's a bitch.

so now i'm drinking my yoggi and feeling self-destructive.
last winter i'd turn that into creativity but i can't bother now.
mindless grind-time.


Yoo Youngjin's voice is amazing. i didn't know he was the one singing in the short preview of the song that was released like months and months and months ago.. genious human being. Donghae and Eunhyuk's rap is so..... sjhfkshfksd-worthy. i'd really like to hear Yehsung sing Youngjin's part in the beginning though. i wanna see what he can make out of it.. tbh Youngjin should become an SJ member. haha. :D his voice fits espescially the K.R.Y dominated songs they have.. i can't wait for the music video. i didn't like the It's You rearranged version though ;/ the original was so much better..

now. 가사 plij.



jag hatar 2012. hemskaste filmen någonsin.
gotta admit the voice-controlled car was hilarious, though.