dis iz blog entry

today was "eventful".

told mom jun's coming
  • she asked if i wanted her to buy me condoms
i am sick
  • + fever! wow that's rare
i finally figured out how to make blogger layouts work
  • yo i'm a genious
brother came over for dinner
  • chicken, rice and orange gravy! <3
mom wouldn't let me eat in the kitchen cause i would cough all over the food
  • nice, cause she usually have to force me to eat together with her..
bro did not figure out how to fix my computer.
  • however he tipped me to do the cmd /scannow thing.. dunno if it worked.
  • and yes, he tipped me over the phone. most awkward conversation ever.
watched harry potter and the goblet of fire.
  • i cry every time. robert pattinson<3
i am so dizzy
i like making lists like this!
shane is a bitch. :D
my ears hurt
my head hurts
my throat hurts
my nose hurts
my whole body hurts
  • still, life feels ok. why is that?

note to self; school starts 10:20 tuesday next week. 1st tuesday of the month we get an extra hour sleeping in.. happy!

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