list of dope shit lately

- lists n workflowy
- school n increasing korean comprehension
- bangtan finished their promotions FINALLY bless
- bangtan touring the world in the upcoming months so lots of army frens will get to see them in their countries! so happy for them i just hope they stay the fuck away from europe for idk at least 6 more months
- benji and benji and benji and benji
- ROY FUCKING KIM and IU and Younha
- then there's Swings and Zion.T
- i forgot Childish Gambino stole my heart recently
- (benji you too)
- Blue Foundation
- Warpaint and Keaton Henson and Daughter
- Purity Ring and FKA twigs which i always pronunce as fuck a twig in my head
- just music in general not to mention Jhené Aiko aka goddess
- i managed to get a pretty OK balance of bangtan, porn and photography on my tumblr dashboard which is nice
- mom bought new duvets n pillows and bed is heaven
- waking up before the sun rises is starting to become a thing again
- the math exam i was gonna do this month was moved to next month aye
- living on 0 money made me realize how much shit i was wasting last semester
- i drafted up an idea for a book that ill write in lets say 20 years or so
- also revived my writing tumblr .. which consists of only cool oneliners
- hair grows n stuff so itll be comfortably long again soon
- musicbee and rainmeter and reddit kisses u all

some minor undope shit
- cant afford spotify premium <//////3
- theyre replacing the windows of our apartment starting w46
- benji turns me on like fuck n messes with my emotions and
- ran outta tea