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banner replaced by a gif i made from last year's Music Core (or Music Bank?) special stage with SHINee and KARA. looked through all my gifs, cause i was too lazy to make a new banner.. and to look back a bit. i miss those times. i miss SHINee. i'm almost 100% i'm close to getting back into fandom.. i'll start by writing down their coming schedules and look around shineee.net and their soompi thread and bestiz.. i miss shinee-ing. i wonder if they changed their level-up process to something simpler.. that i can understand, rofl. i'll go look later. anyway, i miss my gifs and i miss my boys. so here's one of my favs.

erm... ok. 2 of my favs.

this is from Star Golden Bell back in January/February.. (i made it on Feb. 4th so?) he was talking about their trip to Thailand and how either the elephant or the crocodile show was scary... rofl. he's so adorable. you can't tell he's the oldest. 우리 온리다..

this is from their Taiwan trip over christmas last year, though i'm pretty sure Azio didn't air this until like.. February. or something. cause i made this on February 10th, lol. (yes, i dated my gifs) the MC was so cute, and the 2 biggest dorks of the group.... OnKey, anyone? when it comes down to it i've always preferred OnKey and HyunMin, but then when i catch a glorious JongKey moment i completely turn OnTae and JongKey. it's weird, no? the power of JongKey....

and because i can't help myself; a gif of Sungmin from one of Big Bang's concert DVDs. (i think)

not made by me, credit to the tagged :) found this on his fancafe. i want that JSM sign so bad<3333333333 i miss fangirling him. and looking out for him in every Big Bang video, lulz. i remember when i watched some Big Bang video from Japan MTV on youtube, and i was like HOLYFUCKINGSHITISTHATJSM? and it waaaaaaaaas. so i ripped the video, made 3 cute gifs, messaged one of them to him on Cyworld. i wrote "look who i found! so cute haha" or something like that. and. HE MESSAGED ME BACK. <- i died, seriously rofl. he was so cute, "고마워^^".
*insert super-aw* anyway, i miss his old hair. now imma go see if TROOP has any updates.
and SHINee time. i feel so good. :D

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