THERE. now i'm not gonna change that darn gif anymore. i will not look in my image folder ever again..... for a few days. found an old gif from beginning of last year. i miss my black hair! i've decided to dye it back to black. i WILL do it! >:|

anyway. i'm so confused. in the saltwater room-song in my playlist (on the blog) the girl sings "time is just never quite enough", while in the song on my album rip she sings "time isn't ever quite enough". or i'm just hearing wrong? idek. it really bothers me. i'm PRETTY sure i'm not hearing wrong. i guess the one on my blog is an earlier version. wiki wiki wiki.

ah... seems like the version on my blog is from Maybe I'm Dreaming.
the one i've been listening to on repeat on my kube is from Ocean Eyes.

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