the boys

UHM WHAT. can not comprehend. i have no idea what to expect from this. just lol. exciting though. october 4th can't come sooner!


i am just

feeling bad lately. i hate time passing by so fast. too tired to do anything during weekends. why am i so weak?! grrr... anyhow last week i got my TERA pressies. hand-written note and tattoo from Alexis made me happiest. sarcasm is so sweet! mildly exciting. boyfriend spoiling me by buying me clothes. makes me frustrated (and happy.) life is all kinds of frustrating overall, lately. it makes me so angry that we're apart. and that i can imagine your bodyheat and arms around me while i lay in bed. and that my hair smelled so nice until i washed it earlier today. and that cereal gets stuck in my teeth. and that people don't value how others feel. and that people treat eachother like shit.



pepp pepp pepp

something that never stops amazing me

is people who find that they have the right to condemn others for their thoughts, feelings and preferences. even when they mean well. i understand condemning actions, i condemn them all the time. but not one person in the world, in my opinion, has the right to condemn a person for what they are thinking, feeling and preferring. even when they mean well. oh the wonders of life. i'm quite a hypocrite, am i not? at first i get angry and then sad and then touched. PMSing so hard rn, cries.

såg en tweet idag som fick mig att ångra mitt MP medlemskap. men bara lite. måste komma ihåg hur jag prioriterar de politiska frågorna. världen är viktigare än samhället. (och mänskligheten) bläeh. idag sög! för mycket ingenting. såg Terri. den var fin på ett litet hörn, annars ganska tråkig och ledsam. måste sluta bli sjuk och missa skola. kämpa, immunsystem! förstår inte hur jag kunnat leva innan skolan började. blir så rastlös när jag inte har något att göra. dock har jag två böcker att läsa till oktober 14 eller så. men att läsa är ju också att göra ingenting. nu vet jag att jag inte klarar av att läsa fem böcker samtidigt iaf. måste läsa mindre eating animals och mer silent spring och kommer nog lämna tillbaka yggdrasil utan att läsa den. får se. näsan i boken istället för lunch. ska kämpa mig igenom åksjukan och börja läsa på tunnelbanan. och ladda kuben och lyssna på mer blue foundation. att vakna med bonfires i huvudet är fint. vinter. kom nu! nuuuuuuuu!

hero across the sky


ugh. i sleep too much, gonna start putting alarm on weekends again. sleeping 10.5h only results in sore body and more tiredness. =_= some new shows finally started to air, so there's at least something to look forward to during the weeks, apart from school.

The Vampire Diaries season 3
The Secret Circle season 1
Revenge season 1
The Lying Game season 1

Once Upon A Time season 1 starting soon
Terra Nova season 1 also..
idek i follow too many shows, and when is Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome coming?!

and soon the other awesome shows will pick back up again so.. i'd really like to finish last season's animes but i can't seem to get the motivation to do it. and i really want to pick up older shows like Carnivale and Firefly. time plz. i've been craving christmas and winter these past days. we re-organized our living room and it's so much cozier now. i've played a bit of guild wars, which is fun, when you overcome the lack of jumping and the game being completely instanced.. i had a nice christmas dream. i want to go to some christmas fairs and markets this year. i'm bringing you tolga. my mom is the best. my cats aren't, waking me up in the early mornings. i missed school this friday which is frustrating. tea makes me sweat. uhm. frustrating. ok. i'm gonna shower and then be less frustrated. cus life is nice. let's enjoy it.








i am good job

fell on my face. (knees) as i got back up i just felt how katia sucked the life out of me and then couple hours later she almost pulled me into the air. FUN STUFF. hey i bought guild wars. shall spend rest of the evening playing that. or perhaps laugh at not-very-sober togul.




i never get bored of watching these launches, they're just as scary and awesome everytime. :)


weekend is so nice. fell asleep fairly early yesterday, watched The Fountain for the 7843287th time. Eating Animals came yesterday, so i read like 20 pages of that. i love the way the author writes. apparently he wrote the book for that movie that Elijah Wood was in that was so funny and awesome but i forgot the name. oh, Everything is Illuminated. great movie. GRAIL will hopefully launch today after being pushed back for 2 days thanks to the weather. my plans for today is to watch GRAIL and youtube and perhaps eat some food. mom boxed some spaghetti and sauce in the fridge but picky that i am, i will not touch it. can i just say that i HATE refridgeratored spaghetti? spaghetti is not supposed to be refridgeratored. it's supposed to be fresh. i'd eat refridgeratored meatsauce with no objection, but spaghetti? no. perhaps i should ask her not to box them together. oh well. i don't know what to do today and so i feel restless. restless restless. Dragon Nest maybe?


subway journal

saw two girls arguing at one of the subway stations today. they were shouting and crying at eachother. i almost started bawling right there on the train. why do people do their best to hurt eachother? my heart broke just a little bit. apart from that, i feel quite pleased with life lately. it's nice to have things to do during the day, although school is rather chill so far. but it's enough to make me restless during the weekends, and the past two days when i've been at home because of a bad cold. it's getting colder. i need to buy some new clothes for fall/winter when i get money at the end of the month, i feel so bored with my wardrobe right now. qq moan whine frustration. also burps.



사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 주겠니

looooooool. such a mix of spice girls and just plain wrong. i would kick their stylists' asses if i could. at least the song is decent enough. the choreography is awesome. mostly because seeing nicole and hara shaking their hips like that makes me a little bit nuts. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

having a crush on song jihyo. i just know when this song/mv is released in full i'm going to bawl my eyes out. fucking fuck. JYJ are so amazing, have to admit i don't feel bad about TVXQ splitting since i never really liked yunho and changmin's voices. + all my favorite members in one group ftw. they better come to Sweden soon.


ten reasons green people are happier

fin läsning.


haven't played for a long while. i only have an hour of gametime left anyhow. but i'm just completely in love with the Elins in heavy armor. and Castanics in heavy armor. i know for sure i will roll a Berserker (main or not) but i'm not sure the Elin armor changes will impact my choice of race. bothers me like ughhhh. looking forward to alpha, i better be invited. can definitely wait for release though. not looking forward to the frustrations another MMO will bring. makes me reminisce the Aion closed betas. that withdrawal was just awful. and of course, now i seriously crave playing it. i've always had periods where i play some Infinite Aion, but it's not the same as retail. i don't know. it just feels like the right time to go back as i view the game in a completely different light, there have been lots of updates, and i know exactly what i did wrong that led me to quitting. but at the same time, i know that most hasn't changed a bit. whatever. i am so installing and doing the free trial rn. D: ............maybe.



första skolveckan avklarad. trivs.
57 dagar till höstlovet.
ett år den tolfte. what a ride.
söta flickor i sötaste korta frissorna.
ska nog färga håret i helgen till någon rolig färg. säg inget till pojkis.
jag har ännu inte tröttnat på gotye.
jag vann senaste tävlingen på TERA EU forumet. sommar kit. sparas till nästa år?
orkade köpa tops idag.
att ha pojkis och en vis will. hade inte klarat veckan utan dessa finfina personer.

jag heter inte anders. det låter finare att säga "bra anders" än "bra erika". undrar förresten hur det är med anders som jag var kär i i ungefär hela mellanstadiet.
katterna har börjat väcka mig ungefär 3, 4 och sedan 5 på morgonen.
min aptit är helt borta vilket resulterar i skippade luncher. säg inget till pojkis.
familjer som vill förstöra för sina (vuxna) barn. vad fan är det för fel på er?
verkar inte som att höstlovet kommer spenderas med pojkis. men för helvete, människor.
fånen är konstig på senaste tiden.
18 dagar sedan vi rörde vid varandra. döööööööör.
har endast orkat dammsuga mitt rum under hela veckan och ingen tvätt har tvättats.

helg. jag tänker the fountain och sängen och inget mer. är så underbart när man sitter i tunnelbanan och lyssnar på soundtracket och man bara exploderar och ögonen rullar bak i huvudet lite. dör osv. gåshud bara jag tänker på det. täcke, katter, te och film.