sorta march

2015 is sort of like 2014 except it's even better. It's like I'm drowning in good music. Hanhae, Ja Mezz, Zico, Unpretty Rapstar (CHEETAHHHHH MOTHER LOVE), No Mercy or Monsta X, Gaeko and Yankie, Vasco, SALTNPAPER, 4minute, Mamamoo, Zion.T and Crush, Drake, Kendrick, Imagine Dragons.. pretty much what I'm listening to these past few weeks. So much music and so much love.

School is rolling and Korean skills are progressing. The first semester was very chill in the way that I already knew everything. I know most of the stuff this semester as well, but there are a lot more moments where I sort of know things but I'm not 100% sure of how to use it and I'm able to get it confirmed through class this semester. It's so enjoyable studying language, the progress you make is very concrete and fulfilling and giving. It makes me happy. Then there's the worry that I won't ever get as good as I want to get at it, but I have mostly faith in myself and in this. It's what I love.

It's almost March and I really need to get a summer job this year, but I have still only applied for one. I really really wanted that job and thought I had a good shot at it but I didn't even get an interview. Oh well. I need to get myself together and apply for as much as possible these upcoming weeks. I really don't want another summer sitting around only dedicating myself to fandom. I will be applying for an introductory creative writing course online for this summer though which I'm excited about. Writing is something I have always wanted to do but something I have not really done. I am super scared of it, and taking this course would be a real challenge to me. I believe I'll have no trouble getting into this course since it's online so, I'm looking forward to the anxiety of submitting writing I have absolutely no faith in and receiving feedback. I feel that it's time to force myself out of this little comfortable box of mine and do something beyond writing little things on my super secret writing tumblr. It's not like I don't have things to write, I just don't really know how to go about it. Takes some loosening of the mind. Yas.

Also Twitter sucks. Seeing some of the most popular Twitter accounts in our fandom makes me feel sort of nauseous and ashamed.