Entry no. 300

DEDICATED TO HENRY LAU. had such good times back on Euphonic forums, miss the gals even tho they probably forgot about me. i used to be fun back then. xD been a fan of Henry ever since he showed up as the mystery guy in SJ's Don't Don MV. there was so much hating on that guy back then, with so many rumors and so much fandom drama and hate. glad SJM ended up successful in the end, and i'm glad Henry found his place. still can't believe there are ONLY13!!11!1!! and ONLY5!!!1!! preachers around like 3 years after, lol. remember when people would censor him and Zhou Mi out of SJM pictures on one of the biggest SJ fansite that i forgot the name of.. when ELFs would be shouting "we will protect 13" during Henry's performances. i mean, the chanting was fucking awesome, unity and all, but the purpose was shit. aaah. anyway. SJM made a comeback and it features a solo song composed and written by Henry, and it's quite awesome.


slats heart naver

Naver Mail:

is there no mail application? :@ couldn't find any in their program page thingy.. oh well. guess they would lose all their traffic if there was one, lmao.

Naver Calendar:

Naver > Google.

Calendar App:

once again, Naver >>>>>>>>> Google. this shit is gold.

PhotoViewer App:

never really use photoviewers.. have had the Cyworld one installed last year, but it was kind of meh. like this one a lot better though. maybe i'll get off my ass and organize all my images..

Video Manager App:

a basic video manager (duh), basically you can add a title at the beginning, ugly and funny frames, change lighting and add ending creds. while basic, very handy for editing little clips. i might use this..... that's my random 90210 video encoding btw. was like 300mb so it would have taken a while.

Naver Talk:

pretty much a ripoff of Google Talk, but BETTER. obviously i have no contacts on Naver or anything so it's kind of useless to me.. lol. naturally there is a mobile app, i think there's both an iOS and Android version but i didn't check. i do use the Naver app on my Android though, which is awesome. mainly use it to check mails while in bed.

Naver Update Manager:

a handy little program to update all your Naver desktop applications.

Naver Firefox Theme + Toolbar:

MAKE A CHROME THEME. that works with RockMelt. :( do chrome themes even work with RockMelt? anyway the Naver theme for Firefox is obviously my favorite theme. i love green and i love simple. i don't like toolbars, but it's Naver so i installed it anyway. not that i ever use Firefox..

ok. enough.


DTP Uppgift 6; Vykort

blev en liten spin-off, till ett e-flyttkort. en ritplatta står på toppen av önskelistan just nu.





having a supernostalgiamoment. had to get out of bed to look for an opening theme to one of my favorite animes, and now i'm looking through the openings to the ones i used to watch and love. gonna collect some of them here for archiving. :)

never finished watching this one. though i regret it, i did lose interest after a while. meh. :( was awesome at first though.

this is the opening i had to get out of bed to look for. this anime stole my heart! i think i watched through it like 4 times. need to watch it again.

another anime i never finished watching. shame really, wasn't a big fan of the style back then. i adore it now though. need to rewatch!

probably my number one favorite. i love everything about this anime.

what got me interested in gyaru and parapara. absolutely brilliant anime. still have it on my hd too. was going to rewatch it but didn't get to it..... :@

uuuuuuugh. hate the style of this anime. was obsessed with belgian waffles after watching it. did love it.

don't think i need to say anything. Blood+ FTW.

FLCL doesn't have an opening. fail. anyway. this was the first song i ever downloaded! when i think back on watching this anime, i don't think i could ever make sense of it. i think what i liked the most of this anime was the ending theme, lol.

been meaning to rewatch this. probably one of the most funny animes i've ever watched, but it made me cry a few times as well.

i only watched this last year, actually. i don't watch much anime anymore at all, but mando made me get into this. (thankssssss<3) absolutely amazing stuff.

another anime i watched recently (as in last year). didn't actually like it as much as i expected, but it's beautifully made.

not suuuure what to say. amazing stuff.

watched this a few years back. not sure if i started reading the manga or watched the live action movies or the anime first, but i never finished reading the manga nor watching the anime. i think i didn't finish the anime anyway, lol. story got a bit too grown up for me, i suppose. still amazing!

another big favorite. everything is amazing about this anime. i adore visual art's/key's works. only played one of their games though, Planetarium. didn't get far into it either.. was an amazing story though.

was amazing for the first 50 episodes or so. lost interest.. meh. tommy heavenly6 still owns though. as well as the style of the anime.

LOL. had this downloaded but deleted it because i couldn't get myself to watch it again. -_- really love this anime. breaks my heart everytime. it's a shame the animation isn't that good, but the story makes up for it.

did just spend one and a half hour looking at anime openings. -_-


need to post this again. makes me happy.

Conversation started between Sul and lolga: Tue, Aug 31 22:54:44 2010
[22:55] lolga: what if i want to kiss you
[22:55] lolga: conflict of interest
[22:55] lolga: how we gonna resolve this
[22:56] Sul: how about you dont kiss me and i dont kiss you
[22:56] lolga: who do I kiss then
[22:56] Sul: go kiss your hand
[22:56] Sul: or something
[23:07] lolga: but i want ur beautiful lips o,o
[23:07] Sul: fu
[23:08] lolga: why fu
[23:08] Sul: zzzzzzzzz
[23:08] lolga: stop that
[23:11] lolga: is that how you treat people that love you? :(

remind me to backup our old xfire convos on usb..


waking up to this made my day

TERA thoughts

Since the news of the NA "Community play event" and the EU "test" was released today, and i'm bored, i figure i could do a little summary of my own (few) concerns about TERA. This is mainly to keep in hand to see what also concerns the NA/EU client rather than just the KR client, and to see what has changed and stuff.
  • PK system. Needing bought items to declare PK on someone. (concern: gold income, price) Having to declare PK on someone; having to go into the menu and choosing it from a dropdown menu.
  • Solo content. Lacking solo quests at level 22+.
  • Difficulty, level 1-17. Would like to see the mob AI improved in these levels.
  • Fixed world boss spawns. Just a suggestion from my side, would make it a lot more fun to have the world bosses spawn in a few random locations. Having to race the rival guilds to the boss and PK people to get the kill and dramas and.. yeah. All that would happen even if the spawns were on fixed locations i guess, but it would just be better if it was random imo. Would be harder to camp the bosses 24/7 (as they spawn every hour) and i think it would result in more guilds getting a chance to take part of the loot.
  • Political system. Only because there's like 0 info on it and it's not enabled yet on the Korean servers.
Doubt the "Communiy play event" will shed much light on any of this as i assume the level cap of the "event" will be quite low, but yeah. Will be most probably be updated.


moved the blog to my other google account. was annoying having to re-log to youtube all the time. feels good. :) annoyed though. want to make a new gmail, but the username i want is already in use. google account =/= gmail? why did i name my gmail after a mob in ether saga online..

anyway, been way under lately. nightmares, complete lack of motivation, bad mood in general. need to get out of it already.. i want to work a bit this summer, so i need to apply for summer jobs. and i have no idea what i want to work with this year, as the last time i worked during summer it was decided by some program thingy.. wasn't that bad but meh. i also need to apply for schools for fall. i want to study in another city for a semester at least, but the dorm rents are high. and then i have to figure out what to study when i've got my qualifications. not like i have to rush or anything, i just want stuff planned. highly unusual when it comes to me.

so yea. bye.