mastered para routines

getting back into para :> list of routines i know so far, mostly older ones. incomplete as i'm in the process of rehearsing the ones i used to know (funny how much you can remember after years..) and hunting down the DVDs.

  • Bandolero Comanchero (Franz Tornado & The "Mad Cow" Girls)
  • Blood on Fire (Go 2 & Christine)
  • Boom Boom Fire (D-Essex)
  • Chocolate (Soul Control)
  • Dark in the night (Maio & Co.)
  • Eurobeat (Dr. Love)
  • Ever Together Forever (Tipsy & Tipsy)
  • Fireball (Ken Martin)
  • Futureland (Ace)
  • Gamble Rumble (m.o.v.e)
  • Gun Boy (The Factory Team)
  • I don't wanna be a star (Corona)
  • Ike Ike (Tri-Star)
  • Jealousy (Virginelle)
  • Midnight Love (Neo)
  • Motto-Motto Inamoto (Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl)
  • Nack 5 (Domino & Kaioh)
  • Night of Fire (Niko)
  • Not For Sale (Go 2)
  • NRG (Go 2)
  • Number One (Fastway)
  • Para Girl (Domino)
  • Popteen (Domino)
  • Say You'll Be There (King & Queen)
  • Speed Master (m.o.v.e)
  • Super Striker (Go 2)
  • Tora Tora Tora (Domino)
  • Try me (Lolita)
  • Up!! (Nagisa & Miwa & Haruko)
  • Viva La Noche (Christine)
  • Yesterday (Cherry)
  • 愛の東京コール (Tokyo Call Project)


1. What is your name?

2. Would you say you have an organized bedroom? Why?
errrrr....... i like organization and i try to keep stuff organized but i wouldn't say my bedroom is.. lol i'm a nuthead when it comes to stuff on my pc tho i've been slacking lately

3. Is there a band who has had some sort of effect on you?
well... SHINee, Girugamesh, Plastic Tree, the GazettE, 12012.. visual kei and kpop in general changed my life lol

4. Think of your favorite movie at the moment, what is your favorite characters name?
I HAVE TOO MANY FAVORITE MOVIES. i watched white oleander yesterday tho and i liked it alot and i love astrid.

5. Have you ever ridden an elephant?
no but that would be fun

6. Have you ever seen an animal give birth?
yus! my old cat :( i miss her, and i miss simon

7. Whats the weirdest object you have in your room?
errrr not sure i have a weirdest object.. a minnie mouse-mask? lol

8. Do you love someone?

9. Have you done any drugs other than weed? How many?

10. Have you ever watched someone die? Explain.

11. Did this year go by fast for you?
errr.... i cant even remember most of the year so i guess so

12. Think the last person who made you really mad, how would you get revenge on them?
havent been really mad for idek how long so.... also im not really the revenge kindof person lol

13. How many different homes have you lived in?

14. Have you ever written a letter to your best friend?
cant recall tbh

15. Do you think you’re healthy?
lmao no

16. Do you think American standards are too high?

17. On a normal basis, do you think about disturbing things?
its not like i think of disturbing stuff but i like looking at gore and disturbing stuff lol

18. Think back to the last time you squished a bug in your hands, what color ooze came out?

19. Have you ever watched a foreign movie and liked it?
ofc, about a ton

20. Do you think someone creepy is reading this?

21. What do you think is overrated?
a lot of stuff that i cant think of on the top of my head..

22. Does it annoy you when people claim to be mature for their age?
not really, their business

23. Are you an angry person?
no im quite sad though lol

24. Why do you think girls are so catty?
wtf is catty. are you calling us cats?

25. What is your opinion on children‘s television?
"What happened to good children’s television!? Where’s all the awesome shows I used to watch when I was a kid!? All I have to say, is there are Teletubbies and BooBahs. That along can tell you that children’s programming is considerably messed up." <- earlier posters statement, i totally agree

26. Is it hard for you to fall asleep at night? Why?
usually i just go to bed, hug my tolga and fall asleep.. not too hard unless i'm not tired or got too much stuff going on in my mind. im good at shutting off tho.

27. Pro life or pro choice?
I DONT GET THIS QUESTION LOL what does it mean

28. Do those bulletins about girls not being good enough for a guy annoy you?

29. What’s annoying you right now?
not understanding the previous two questions, and my sore throat

30. Do you have trouble making friends?
yes cus im awkward and shy and yeah... i do better on the internet

31. Where is the prettiest place you’ve been this year?
"This year? Probably Holland. It’s very different from here, which makes it really interesting and pretty." <- :O wut... we're meant to be tolga. ANYWAY obviously Rome which was really awesome most of the time, also Gotland like every year.

32. Do you have a picture of your family in your room? When and where was it taken?

33. Has someone you really cared about ever said something really mean to you?

34. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how boring is this survey?
3~ pretty decent survey

35. What time is it?

36. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?
tolga.. he's the best thing that always happened to me tho

37. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tasted?
sperm? lmao

38. Are you where you want to be?

39. Where do you want be?

40. When I say “wild” whats the first thing you think of?
drugs lolol

41. Think of the last person who said “I love you” in a romantic way, do you think they meant it?
how do you say "i love you" in a romantic way lmao, but yeah he better have meant it cus i know i do

42. You’re about to get a tattoo, what are you getting?
probably some kind of star cus im lame like that

43. Were you 100% honest in this survey?
YUS but its not like there was anything to not be honest about in this survey
Where is your cell phone?
underneath a sweater in my arm chair, charging

Where do you want to go?

What time did you go to sleep last night?
2-3am i think.. cant recall

What woke you today? when?
mmm 10:30 or so i think? 11:30? probably by one of the cats

Any tattoos?
no lol

What did you do this weekend?
well.... watched some movies

Have you ever been given an engagement ring?

Have you ever tried to break someone up?
errr no

When was the last time you talked to your best friend?
dont have one

Where is your best friend?

Have you done anything embarrassing lately?
probably lmao

Dark hair or light hair in the opposite sex?
dark :))))))))

What was your dream about last night?
cant remember

How often do you drive? Where do you go?
never, no license

Do you have a Facebook?

Are you currently frustrated with a girl?

Are you currently frustrated with a boy?

Do you miss anyone?

How is your hair right now?
not-brushed, in a messy ponytail from yesterday that i fell asleep with..

Have you ever been called Prince/Princess?

What is tomorrow?

Do you wear makeup?

What are you doing later?
im gonna sleep

When was the last time you saw number 2 on your top friends?
errrrrrrrrrrrrr............... what?

Ever been kissed under fireworks?
no... my gawd im getting some memories back tho. aaaaaaaaah... that was a lovely night..

Do you believe ex’s can be friends?

Do you prefer to call or text?
text, mostly cus im totally phonephobic and i fail at speaking

Who was the last person to take your picture?
myself lol

Who was the last person you took a picture of?
myself lol

What are you listening to?
bazooka girls' velfarre 2000... love it

Last time you slept over somebodys house?
cant remember lmao

When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
mmmmmmmmmm........ cant remember

Have you ever felt replaced?

How many times did you kiss the last person you kissed?

Last person who called you?

What do you do when you have a bad day?
browse tumblr..

Are you too shy to tell people when you’re developing feelings for them?

Do you dance while getting ready for whatever?

Who will you be with Saturday?
FU alone

If you took a drug test, would you pass it?

What color is the shirt you’re wearing?

Who has the ability to hurt you the most?

If you could go back in time and change things would you?
yes and no

Something you do a lot?
er...... internet

Name someone with the same birthday as you?
dont know anyone lol

What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

Describe your life in one word?

Who was the last person to message you on myspace?
cant remember

What are you looking forward to the most?

What are you thinking about right now?

What are you doing tonight?

What are you listening to?
lol big bang and 2ne1's lollipop

What is your favorite place in the world?
with tolga or in bed or with tolga in bed

Has anyone sang or played for you personally?
yes........ i love you

Have you broken a bone or had stitches?
nope never

fak me im suddenly so tired cba formatting so LOLBAI
1) Who is the biggest dumbass you know?

2) What is your favorite kind of cheese?
cheez doodles or cheese doodlz or whatever. i really dont like any other kind of cheese. *shivers*

3) What county were you born in?
Karlstad Kommun, Värmlands Län, Sverige.

4) Automatic or Manual?

5) Does tequila make your clothes fall off?
LOLNEVERHADTEQUILA. but errr possibly?

6) What is the biggest piece of furniture you own?
i dont own any furniture

7) Have you ever licked the cheese off a Dorito & not eaten it?
LOL NO................................ GROSS

8) What song would you like to be listening to right now?
Gazette's new song VALOLSOMETHINGINCAPS but cba unzipping

9) Innie or outie?
innnnnnnnnie + happy trail

10) What’s the name of the last movie(s) you rented?
lol who rents movies these days

11) Do you know anyone you would like to get in trouble?

12) If so, what would you do?
get him dead tbh

13) Are you a tactful person?
what does tactful even mean

14) Have you ever told someone they didn’t look bad when they asked when they actually did look bad?
not that i can recall lol im quite honest when it comes to stuff like that tbh

15) Do you question the norm?

16) Do you like to pop other peoples zits?

17) Are you guilty of handing out unsolicited advice?
BIG WORDS ARE BIG.............

18) Do you prefer to give or receive presents?
i hate receiving presents because if im really grateful i cant show it properly and if im not grateful its just awkward. i also never buy anyone presents mostly because im scared of disappointing people but... yeah.

19) Have you ever ridden a horse?
yes. :( memories. i miss it.

20) Do you own a deep fat fryer (fry-daddy)?

21) Do you like the smell of Ketchup?
never realized ketchup had a smell

22) Have you ever re-gifted anyone?
what's re-gifted?

23) Have you ever smoked pot?
i wish

24) Are you an impulsive person?
sometimes, depends on situation

25) Have you ever committed a Random Act of Kindness?
yes like i totally gave this random guy porgus skins LOL ...

26) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3 pairs that i use and like, a ton of other pairs i havent used in ages.

27) Do you read shampoo bottle & etc. in the shower or bathtub?
nope, i do when im on the toilet tho

28) Does it bother you when someone you know, other than your family members, feels free to just walk in your house without knocking?
never happened to me.

29) Do you know anyone who has the uncanny ability to be able to (accurately) finish your sentences?
no not that i know

30) Give me another word for penis.
COCK <- MOST AWSUM WORD IN THE WORLD and turns me on omnomnom

31) Give me another word for vagina.
vagoo..... not sure where that came from

32) If you could own your own company or business, what kind would it be?
mmmmm i get random ideas like this all the time but cant remember any atm.

33) How many pets do you have?

34) Have you ever had a “Fling?”
whats a fling

35) Nachos or Pretzels?
WTF ARE PRETZELS. nachos i think

36) Do you think Brad & Angelina will last?
:S what happened to braniston

37) Do you care?

38) Who makes you laugh the most?
tolga..... always

39) Do you consider yourself a beautiful person on the inside?
i never thought of myself as beautiful, but i guess so

40) Do think Michael Jackson is a freak or just misunderstood?
didnt MJ die?

41) If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?
big brother LOL

42) Do you like lightning bugs?
fireflies? YUS

43) Have you ever had sex on a trampoline?
......... no but that would be interesting and the idea of it kind of turns me on

44) Have you ever had to have an enema?
whats an enema

45) Have you ever gotten an autograph from a professional athlete?
do hockey players count as athletes lol

46) Who is the biggest slut you know (male or female)?

47) When I say the word ASSWIPE, who comes to mind?

48) Have you ever let someone have something that was very special to you?
yeah.. CDs and stuff lol

49) Can you sing well?

50) How many times a day do you poop?
errrrrrr never more than once

51) What is your favorite website?
feels like this should be quite obvious but idk, aionsource? lmao

52) Do you consider yourself an addict of any kind?
yes.. im addicted to tolga and the internet

53) If your closest friend’s companion came on to you would you tell your friend?
:SSSSSSSS no comment

54) What is your favorite song to make fun of?
can't think of any..

55) Do you laugh a lot?
yes, when i talk to tolga

56) Do you cry a lot?
well idk but i cry easily lol

57) Have you ever saved anyone’s life?

58) What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
errrrrr.... whats relax ;o

59) Do you ever count sheep?
no :S just... no :S

60) Did you enjoy this survey?
no -_- TOO LONG AND DEMANDING so not gonna format this
What is the last song you listened to?
BoA's I'm OK (보고 싶더라) LF LYRICS

Who are the last people you rode in a car other than a family member?

What is the closest book to you?
a dusty Colloquial Korean - The Complete Course for Beginners. what happened to picking up korean studies. :(

What phone do you have?
HTC Legend named Slats. MY PRESHUSH :*

Do you have any dogs? If so, what breeds?

Any cats?
yussssssssssssssssss about two of them

What is the most expensive thing you own that plays music?
well i didn't pay for my computer, so i guess Slats lmao

Favorite Disney movie?
........ HOW COULD I POSSIBLY CHOOSE. Lilo & Stitch or The Little Mermaid or The Lion King or insertlistofdisneymovies.

What is the furthest place you’ve traveled?
Rome, Italy

Do you have any piercings? Where?
errrrrr...... one in my left ear but i never wear anything in it anyway, scars from 3 piercings in my lower lip

Any tattoos? Where?
noes ^_^

Do use any instant messengers? If so, which ones?
MSN, and all that

Who are most the texts from on your phone?
welllllllll..... noone ever texts me LOL but i guess Tolga

What color are your eyes?

Ever wear colored contacts?
no and im a bit hesitant of putting stuff in my eyes

What color is your hair?

Any highlights?

Would you ever change it?

What is the wallpaper on your computer?

i really love the story of this wallpaper but.. its boring. wtb new one. :/

Last thing you drank?

Closest living thing to you?
probably got a cat somewhere in my room

Favorite fast food joint?
McDonalds? lmao

Last movie you saw at the theater?
errrrrrrrrr.............. i cant even remember o.o

Anything planned for this Sunday?
no not really

Look out the window whats the first thing you see?
balcony, streetslights and all that

Which parent do you get on with best?
i only have one o.o

Are you wearing socks right now?
YUS cant live without my socks

Whats your ringtone?
i set it like yesterday but i cant remember lmao

Do you get cold easily?
yes.. my immune system is fail from living in a box for 4 years but i love getting sick so its all good

Do you use a toaster or toaster oven?
toaster lmao only time ive ever seen a toaster oven was in that olsen twins movie hahaha

Are you gonna kiss someone today?

Do you know anyone famous?

Favorite football team?
i never watch football but i cheer for S. Korea in everything so lol

Are you a big Zac Efron fan?
errrrrrrrrrr............ no

Would you rather drown or burn alive?
if i could choose how to die it would be drowning

Do you shop at Wal-Mart?
do we even have wal-mart in sweden

When is the last time you worked out or went to the gym?
dont think i ever have

Who is the last person on your missed call list?
Tolga :x

Do you watch the news?

Do you love or hate Dr. Phil?
no opinion

Do you believe in ufo’s and aliens?

Where are most of your clothes from?
h&m probably

What u.s states have you been to?

Are you a myspace addict?
fuck no that shit is old

Have you kissed anyone that name starts with a B?
no but OMG THANKS TO THIS I JUST REMEMBERED KISSING THIS HOT GUY I TOTALLY HAD A CRUSH ON BACK THEN he was way drunk tho and he also kissed my two best friends lmao good times

Did anything funny happen in the last 48 hours?
err.......... nothing out of the ordinary
1. What color are your fingernails right now?
7 of them are at least a little bit blue.... need to repaint

2. How about your toenails?
not painted lolololol

3. What is your favorite tv show?
NOT SMALLVILLE though it makes me giggle. i like House and Fringe and 90210 and The Vampire Diaries and Weeds and Glee and True Blood.

4. Do you get upset when you miss a new episode?

5. Do you like anyone right now?

6. Why did you get over the last person you liked?

7. Are you close to your mom?
no not really, not really interested in it either like whatever

8. Do you like shopping?
though spending money makes me totally anxious i lovvvve getting new clothes espescially big baggy tshirts with pretty prints tho i only own a few cool ones omfg wtb and i absolutely LOVE indiska's clothes tho theyre so not my style

9. What is your favorite store?
don't have one..... lol i get all my clothes in kista galleria tho h&m gina tricot and all hey wait i just said i love indiska... i love indiska

10. Have you ever had a summer love?
not really

11. What is your relationship status?
property of Tolga Gonul

12. What’s better: singing or dancing?
i suck and love both, trying to get back into dancing parapara but its hard without speakers

13. What do you want your career to be?
photography or working with pretty things like art or stuff :33333

14. Is pink a signature color?
errrr not mine LOL i like green

15. When was the last time a guy lied to you?
well i wouldn't know o.o

16. When was the last time you lied to a guy?
today lololololol was an innocent lie tho

17. Have you ever slapped a boy across the face?
LOL no that would be funny though

18. Have you ever hit a guy?

19. Do you carry a purse?
no i've got a totebagthingycoveredincathair :)))

20. What is in your purse?
TOTEBAG. err. it's empty atm i think. cba checking, too far away.

21. How many guys have flirted with you in the past week?
LOL idek what flirting is

22. How many guys have you flirted with in the past week?
o.o one................

23. What movie do you love to watch with one of your friends?
I DONT HAVE FRIENDS LOL but you know.... all of my favorites and horror movies. espescially horror movies.

24. How do you feel about the person who took this survey before you?
well i stole this survey from pink-spider.net, site of my stalkobject since 2005 or so. THOUGH I NEVER TALKED TO YOU, ILY ADRIANNE AND I WAS GONNA ASK IF THE SITE OF THAT OLD PODCAST OF YOURS IS STILL UP (memories :DDD) AND WHILE SEARCHING YOUR LIVEJOURNAL FOR A LINK TO IT I FOUND A LINK TO THIS SURVEY LOL. not like youre reading this but yeah. will tweet you in a bit unless i forget.

25. Do you trust people easily?
......... no i'm insecure and i will doubt any word you say unless your name is Tolga.

26. What is your favorite hairstyle on you?
errrr. kindofshortish blackmessyfringe held back by cute hairpin. I WAS SO CUTE BACK THEN.

27. What are your favorite colors?
GREEN and GREEN and uhm... PASTEL COLORS FTW i also like glitter and sparkles

28. What color are your eyes?

29. What is your name in Spanish?

30. Do you have a job right now?
no ........................................

31. Which one of the Jonas Brothers do you like?

32. Hearts or Stars?

33. Do you have posters all over your room?
i wish... my cats like to tear them down and rip them to pieces :'(

34. How do you feel about reality TV?
i dont watch much tv (LOLPIRATE) but yeah... whatever i miss big brother getting memories from like 2004 when some guy won and me and chloe went shouting that guys name ouside cus we got so excited LOLOLOL

35. What is your favorite animal?

36. What are your favorite shoes?
my frank perrys <33333 tho most of the time i cba putting them on.. fuckyeahrebooknotsurehowitsspelledsneakers

37. Do you have a fan in your room?
nope, got one just outside tho.. need to pack it up and bring out the heater

38. What color are your walls?
one is painted white, another is kindofwhite and the rest are yellowkindof

39. How big is your closet?
durrrrrrrrr not that big but i share with mom its not like ive got too much clothes anyway + i like hanging my clothes under my bed or throwing them around and all that

40. Do you own any stuffed animals?
YES. uniq&pega, perphant, mame and recently renamed alligator, tolga. i cant fall asleep unless im hugging him. truefax. I DIDNT EVEN TELL TOLGA THIS YET LOL im such a child

41. Who are your best friends?
..................... bram and william LOL YOU GUISE ARE THE ONLY ONES IMING ME ON MSN SO ...

42. Do you love anyone?
yes and now my heart skipped several beats when thinking of him omg

43. Do you own a pair of red high heels?
ive never even worn high heels lolol... im more into sneakers

44. How many guys do you think are cute?
about a million

45. Did you like this survey?





so i went on Soompi to look for BoA lyrics and i saw SHINee got their 2nd thread up (gz<3) and I FORGOT ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY. worst 샤월 ever. sometimes i wish i could go back to that time, when i completely fell head-over-heals with you and i couldn't sleep properly for ages. those times were lovely although a bit scary thinking back on, how obsessed i was. even though i'm not a 누나 i really feel like one. i cared for you so much back then, and though i don't keep track of SHINee activities these days, you're still my ☆ and the traces you left on my heart won't be gone for a long time. LOLIMSUCHAFANGIRL. Happy 19th Birthday, Key. i wish you and SHINee the best of the best.

ily daul


imagehut from now on. not gonna bother reuploading the pics of the previous posts. whatever.




pretty nice change imo. sexy midgets ftw!

present from ♥. would suit a doll char better tbh. it's really cute together with the beach hat.

Harem modelling the 500p craft reward! do want.

feeding fatsul. ♥

and this is the major reason i haven't quit Aion yet... the shiney. :D


^______________^ 헬로~

and also G-Dragon and Sandara's Hello. OMG LOL MEMORIES.




so i woke up in the middle of the night because dollar was playing around in my bed and there was this flash and thundering. one lightning, a bit of thunder and that was it. not sure if it was a dream or not. ._.


from a little shell at the bottom of the sea
with the earth and the moon and the sun above me
but the world fell down with some people still around
there is love
there is love to be found
with the Gods all gone and the souls making sounds




been playing Aion kinda non-stop since tuesday and i'm like dead



i should probably be reading Kafka on the shore but i'm like........... ._. excited and restless and slightly frustrated.



∞loop - heidi.

1. ∞loop
2. 霞
3. Pain
4. Daze

eeeeeeeeeeeeeew......... here's a bit of a review. ^_^ cus i'm bored and i wish there was a community like bestfiction but for jrock and visual kei. i'm not gonna post download links or anything because i've heard of several mediasharing blogspots that got closed down, but posting a few thoughts on it could be nice, even if noone would read it. :)

sooo, i love heidi. i've been a big fan of them since they started out, though i just recently got back into jrock and i haven't listened to them for ages. after some backlogging of shattered-tranquility.net, i've found out they went major earlier this year. i'm not sure if this has affected their music, and although i enjoy this single a lot. it's nothing more than good. the first three songs on the single are very similar and lighthearted. it's not my favorite sound of heidi., but it's good music, nonetheless. and i adore yoshihiko's vocals. 

my favorite songs from this release are the first and last tracks; ∞loop and Daze. i espescially love the guitars in both songs. yoshihiko's vocals in Daze's chorus makes me all bubbly inside. 霞 (Kasumi) and Pain don't really stand out on this single, to me. as i said, they don't carry a sound of heidi. that i'm a big fan of. i have a feeling i would think different if i knew the lyrics, though. overall, it's a solid release. a pretty perfect single to warm up to their first major album release, named 閃光Mellow. i'm so excited! 
filling out application forms for Kista Folkhögskola and Kaggeholms Folkhögskola. only schools within a decent distance that have spring term courses. mom keeps complaining about Kaggeholm cause the main school is way outside of the city.. she can't get through her head that i'm applying for the course that's held inside the city, sigh. she doesn't seem to approve of the religious state of it either, they hold biblestudies and follow christian beliefs etc. if i don't get accepted to either of these schools, i'm in trouble. lol. the idea of looking for jobs or working for a longer period of time doesn't excite me very much. but i do need to at least find something to do until January, when the term starts.

muffy the campfire stayer

one would think six hours of sleep would be enough, but i could barely move this morning.


both bram and tolga went to bed and i have noone to talk to and i was going to watch i am legend but i got too scared and bram abandoned me and then tolga made me download paranormal activity but i'm gonna wait until daylight to watch that. :| and then i found out gaze released a preview of their new single and i went *_________________________* but it's 3am so im going to go to bed now

do want


오! 나의 여신님

September's desktop.
19 chapters into Kafka on the Shore.
mom's been a bitch lately.
spent some hours looking for jobs today.
no applications sent though. was gonna apply for this gardening job.. wrote the app and everything. realized it's way far outside of the city. meh. i'm not gonna apply for a job that demands personal qualities i don't have. looking through job ads makes me feel like i don't fit into society. "you should be open/social/motivated/creative/..." ahhh... who would hire me. ㅡㅡ;; i wanna be like Ayase, lol. working with a fansite as a hobby, and getting a job offer at NCSoft.. sigh. *stares at open job positions at NCSoft's site* ..... how would i go about becoming a QA. that would be fun. :(


ahahhahaha asså orka

apparently i need to figure out nice looking titles for my posts now. cba. sååååååååååååååe. jag hittade typ länkar till en massa filer med gamla bilder, ahahhaha. glömt bort dom helt. laddar ner dom nu, ska bli kul o kika i dom. fick kamera batteriet laddat igår, så tog lite skitbilder tidigare idag. finns lixom inget fint o ta bild på juh. känner mej sjukt icke-kreativ. har inget att skriva heller. ha.

ain't never gonna stop

this is quite brilliant. not too hot on their concept photos, but the song is going to be awesome (duh.) and i'm so excited to see the music video for Go Away. i love how they recorded the MV at a racing track. CL + racer cars = win. no idea how they'll be promoting all 3 title songs at the same time tho. 1 song/music show, is kind of obvious. but....... ._. they better make sure all 3 songs get performed on Inkigayo. cause Inkigayo > any other show.



i just realized how fucking beautiful and fashionable these girls are
all three look absolutely amazing, love the outfits and Sulli's bag is quite epic


i rediscovered my blogspot a few days ago. lots of memories here. i started using livejournal again, but i really like blogspot more? idk.