i love GDA

imma die of fangirl spazms soon.

highlights of this video;
1. K.R.Y opening with Sorry Sorry - Answer. gave me goosebumps all over my body. though ryeo totally cracked/slipped/wtfd in his first line. but omfg kyuhyun's beauty totally struck me.
2. the curtains opening with all the boys standing there singing and the lights behind, goosebump goosebumps omfg goosebumps.
3. EunHae's rap. sdjhfkjhsdfkd. sexy. i hated donghae's sunglasses tough. wtf? :(
4. close-up on sungmin during the nanalala part ily cameraman
5. remixed the beginning of Sorry Sorry! awesome. something tells me that small part was from a new song. can't recognize the lyrics. oh and heechul, plz cut your hairs at least a little bit.
6. micproblems? wtf GDA.
7. sdjhfkdsjhfkdsjhfkdjhs eunhyuk during the dance break omfg
8. E.L.F's chants. aw.
9. SHINEE'S TABLE! :D jonghyun, onew and taemin singing along xD omggggg taemni adorable much?!
10. heechul..................... at least put it in a pony tail? pretty please?
11. i love EunHae's little dance before shiwon stepped forward with his jacket unbuttonned and.... holy mother of god.

moar fangirl spazms.

1. i do prefer f(x) version of Chocolate Love, but........ KJSHDKJHSD. THAT INTRO WAS JUST? ........ TEASE. i love the fluffy thingies.
2. ok mics srsly wtf GDA.
6. OMG TAEYEON OMG. i want that bracelet.
7. ROFLMAO. Shindong, Eunhyuk and Sungmin dancing along with the posters. XD
8. oh my god.............................. yuri why are you so fucking god damn gorgeous?
9. tiffany did you just poke your nose?
10. sexy sunny is sexy. didn't know that was possible. well, the genie mv was an exception. jesus i need to re-dl that in 1080p.
11. gee. brb fainting. i love that song so much. do i have it on my hd still?!
12. guitars? wtf? that's so not gee ;_; nuu
13. i can haz original gee pl0x.
14. adorable sunny is adorable.
15. was that the mic or is something wrong with taeyeon's voice? :(
16. i miss the colorful skinny jeans. i hate fake leather pants. sorry girls. ;/

too lazy to find epik high's perfs on yt cause akp put up egloos embed. but kdhfksjhdf the dancer's choreo to high technology was AWESOME. i still don't like wannabe that much, but tablo's glasses were awesome. and MYK and Dok2. sfsdjhfkjsdhfksd. idk what was going on with heechul, shindong and hangeng though............. but it had me fall out of my chair laughing.

and ofc....

can't forget about SMTOWN's tribute to MJ. english had me lol, but it was awesome. seeing my favorite groups on the same stage makes me feel all tingely.

the end, of fangirl spaz. it wasn't even that bad! just... long. i should stop blogging and start taking notes again.

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