school is busy as fuck and im a bit depressed like wat else is new amirite. at least i got momoi stickers today. i love momoi. ttmik is shipping out the level 4 book and i dont even have time to get through level 2 rn im so annoyed. so yesterday i watched doctor who and today i danced parapara instead of studying. to relieve some stress. NOT WORKING. and HP on saturday. i'm giving up on studying for it, don't have time. i should get in on my current score anyhow so i'm not worrying about that, i just don't want to have to take it next semester again if i end up totally swamped then too. sooooooooooo annoyed. i have 6 tabs of scientific reports to go through so i'm going to do that and then i'll study i suppose. ojfkeldsjfldf.