hrrrr......... last night i watched lots of beautiful stuff. (: Makoto Shinkai! watched The Place Promised In Our Early Days, 5 Centimetres Per Second and She And Her Cat. didn't feel like watching Voices of a distant star.. don't really like it that much. but i pretty much cried throughout the whole 5cm/s xD so beautiful! i really need to download the OST again. also watched some extras. Shinkai's cute, rofl. he's amazing. :) if i ever become a millionaire i'll get all his stuff on DVD. + the OSTs. anyway i got to bed around 3:20am. i woke up at 1pm.. but i thought it was around 9-10 cause i was exhausted and it was so grey outside i thought it was morning, lol. i had planned to watch Dream Concert live but meh.. didn't happen. a bit disappointed. hopefully there will be HD downloads on livejournal, at least for SHINee. i've been really fangirling SHINee lately, hearing about the news of their comeback. it feels so...... right! i haven't been into fandom like this for such a long time. i also checked my character on Aion today. (on the website, still DLing game.....) turns out I.N kicked me out. :/ too bad. i really need to get a job and earn some money so i can renew my subscription. but i registered on a Pserver today. if i enjoy it more than the retail i might stick with it and not renew my sub, hm. we'll see in time. D-8

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