DTP Uppgift 4; Broschyr

A: gjorde en 10 sidor lång introduktions broschyr till mitt favorit spel. utgick från denna "skissen" ihop pysslad i ps.

slut resultatet blev såklart annorlunda då jag stuvat runt lite med texten och bilderna.


creds where creds is due.
text: tera-online.com
bilder: tera-online.com, tera.hangame.co.kr

B: Kan din broschyr skickas till tryckeriet? Motivera ditt svar.
Bilderna som använts i broschyren är ej anpassade för tryck, därför bör den ej skickas till ett tryckeri.

18/2, C: (kunde svurit på att det inte fanns någon C-uppgift listad.. fejspalm.)



dear dollar

PLEASE DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE. T_T was my favorite cardigan too. i only wore it like once. FML.

i feel pretty today. even tho my hair is a mess and i need to get it cut.


last night

i was so cold so mom brought me a second blanket. i fell asleep on a cloud. bugs were crawling under my skin and i'd dig them out with my nails. was fascinating and frightening at the same time. looked kind of like this, but smaller. chills just looking at it. fuck. fuck and fuck and fuck and fucking fuck. :(


here i go again getting upset over nothing getting upset over your heart over your heart and if i ruled the world i would make every country salute you and if i ruled the world i'd make you be mine and i'm always in your cage set me free you've locked me in your cage set me free here you go again walking away like it's nothing walking away from my heart but i see your eyes at night and you see what's wrong and you see what's right the future



stupid embedding... only works on the direct linked post for some reason. :@

DTP Uppgift 3; Typografi & Layout




watching lately

8 Femmes
A Thousand Clowns
Boys don't cry : made me angry. awesome.
Calvaire : was quite good. wish the story was deeper, i want to know why those people were they way they were.
Devil : wasn't bad, but wasn't that good and it was quite boring tbh.
Drag me to hell : is this meant to be a comedy? cause it wasn't funny. waste of time.
Eden Lake : FUCKING FUCKED UP MOVIE. raging. Jack is an exellent (sp?) actor and i'm fucking boiling inside. brilliant movie. *claps*
Elephant : was quite okay. a bit slow. felt like a pretty pointless movie....
It's kind of a funny story : fucking amazing movie. my favorite the XX song is in it too. really awesome.
Les Chansons D'Amour : really lovely movie "musical" :) the songs were beautiful and the story was interesting. you kind of get dragged into the characters and you get to know them without knowing it yourself. a very pleasant experience.
Love and other drugs : easy-going comedy/drama, not into movies like that usually. but Jake does comedies good (plz stick to that kthx) and Anne Hathaway is just awesome. story fell a little short with the typical hollywood ending, but it wasn't a waste of time. did cry.
Martyrs : wa-ow. amazing. needs sequel kthx.
Mulholland Drive : shit.
Mysterious Skin : ANOTHER SAD MOVIE. progression was a bit slow and it was predictable, but it was great overall. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. he was in Beethoven as "Student #1" lol. i loved that movie back when i was like 8.
Punch-Drunk Love
Rocket Science
The Golden Compass : wasn't as good as when i watched it the first time. STILL. loved it. i love dakota and i love the story.
The Road : heartbreaking. loved it and hated it at the same time.
The sisterhood of the traveling pants 1&2 : SO MUCH LOVE. used to love the books when i was younger, and i love the actors and and. i want to go to Greece. great books turned into great films. fuck yeaaaaaaa.
The Squid and the Whale
Thirst : watched half of it, not sure if i will finish it. it's a very amusing movie, but i'm not too into the story.. i was so disappointed when i realized the guy is a vampie. i went LOL SRSLY? ... yea. probably gonna give it another shot tho. it's a way different story comparing it to other vampie movies, so i think it deserves another chance.
Trick r Treat : such a boring movie. watched like 80% of it, couldn't take it anymore. such a waste of good (Sookie<3) actors. it was like Disney had attempted to turn horror.. ugh.
Waltz with Bashir : AMAZING.

Wes Anderson:
Bottle Rocket
Hotel Chevalier : Natalie Portman. nude. that is all. and i fucking love that song, lol.
The Darjeeling Limited : this movie is just.. amusing. and weird. it felt a bit slow at times. but the story was just wonderful.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou : FUCKING AMAZING MOVIE. god. idek. i loved it. no words can describe how much this movie amazed me. just... love. also the soundtrack is fabulous. that guitar guy... i'm in love with him.
The Royal Tenenbaums


Subscale IQ score = 62
Subscale percentile = 1

According to your self-report answers, your emotional intelligence is very poor. People who score like you do feel that they have trouble dealing with their own emotions and those of others. They struggle to overcome difficulties in their lives and they are unable to control their moods. It's hard for them to understand how best to motivate themselves and reach their goals. In addition, they find social interactions quite difficult, for several reasons. They may have trouble allowing themselves to get close with others, finding it difficult to be vulnerable enough to establish intimacy. They also report having trouble offering support to others, likely due to the fact that they do not understand where others are coming from or they lack ideas about how best to help.

stop reading psychology forums.


DTP Uppgift 2; Bokomslag

A uppgift:

Har preview fel, texten visas inte transparens. Ser ut som det ska om man laddar ner det. Skumt!

B uppgift:
Hittade bara framsidan på boken, men texten på baksidan är också från originalet.

Min version,

Fonts: Quad Ultra, Arial, Bebas Neue
Foto: Flickr (Creative Commons)
Logos: Gjorda i Photoshop CS5


내게로 와ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~ 와ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~

TERA KOBT is ending in a few days and rolling into release, so i logged on to play a bit.. was impossible. my 3g net's been bitching all day so i just took some screenshots and played with char creator. 100% sure i won't be rolling Elin on NA/EU servers, probably going Castanic or Amani. (or even Baraka... I LUFF DEM) definitely making an Elin Berserker alt, tho. they're so cute with heavy armor and huge axes.

stuff i need to download when i get proper internet

  • Seungri's new MVs
  • Skins US
  • Skins UK
  • V
  • House
  • Criminal Minds
dat abowt it fo nao


DTP Uppgift 1; Digital Bildbehandling

Första uppgiften slutförd! Otroligt intressant, men även svårt att sammanfatta all info. Mycket nytt att lära sig! Scribd vill inte fungera alls idag, så jag laddar upp PDFen till Box.net.


la cocaina es bad for you

tera, from lj on jan 16th

im getting sick of island of dawn and cba levelling up new classes and im level 22 and i dont want to do party play and im starting to run out of solo quests qq fuck you tolga :'(

hay darrr i love her eyelashes


killed a fly at the stables

yeaaaaaaa finally got my mount

i made a zerker

i found an egg


TERA, from LJ on Jan 14th

some more (high quality) TERA screenshots. i was like.. level 14-5 or so in these, reached level 18 today! :3 levelling speed is good though, quests everywhere and good exp and good loot rate. it's not too fast and not too slow. i don't know how it will be later in the game, but i hope they don't increase the exp too much during 1-20 at least! apparently 20+ is a LOT of party play, and you will have to grind if you want to play solo, so i hope they add some more solo content in the western version from there on.

the game looks absolutely stunning on highest graphics, i really want a decent rig already.. also, i've been wondering about the bloodsplatter effects, and i didn't find the option to enable it until i turned my graphics on highest, lol. it's cool. can live without it, but i won't be playing without it if i get to choose. (don't mess with me, Frogster :() it's interesting trying to guess the color of the blood before hitting a mob xD

since i reached level 17 i've noticed the mobs are getting harder than before, the AI is more complex and the minions easily surround you if you don't pay attention. i haven't died once in the game yet though, though it was close the time i jumped of the plateau at Island of Dawn because i didn't think, lol. ended up with 60hp. :) i also climbed around some cliffs while playing yesterday, it seems a lot of the mountains are climbable if you're persistent.

the levelling seems quite ordinary and linear, follow the campaign quests to reach this and that area, but there seems to be different paths with the regular quests. i was led to an area that was marked with a skull in the quest log, and can't remember what the skull means, but i skipped that entire area to follow another quest, leading me to another area. i will go back to the "skulled" area when it gets thin with solo quests, for some extra exp, but yeah.

can't wait to finish downloading this patch and get back to questing.

TERA, from LJ on Jan 12th

TERA IS EPIC. love it tons.
stuff i don't like about TERA:
  • the way the Elin won't stay still during character creation -_-
  • the running between NPCs...
  • the way you need to be in a party even if you can solo quest instances! (or that's a bug...)
uhm.... that's about it for now. despite the lagspikes playing today has been really fun. grouped with Mad Bunny for the quest instance after soloing 3 times and not getting my quest updated.. then i grouped with some cute Korean to finish some quest faster and he went all 와우 and stuff at the mystic skills ahhahaha. ^-^ i got most of what he said but i didn't say shit until we finished and i went all 한국사람 아니에요 or something... awkward.. hope he doesn't report me. /stupid
and and and. i love the gathering in TERA and the effects are awesome and everything's awesome about TERA. so far. not looking forward to grinding gold for the l20 mount though.


the summons are so ugly... xD

climbing up to a plateau to pick a blue flower!

made an archer to see if it was playable with my ping.... it wasn't :P

first time in Velika! been looking forward to seeing Velik's nipples ^-^

pegasus ftw! need a better computer to really enjoy it though..

running from some tomtar ahhahahahaha epic

나쁜 남자

so yeaaaaaaa new blog layout. not sure i'm too happy with it, will most probably change it in a bit. in love with the twitter script tho! i was meant to get a layout with comments enabled, but couldn't find any decent ones. not that there's anything to comment on here! ha ha. so today i felt i feeling i've never felt. was probably just pms tho, which sucks. LETS WRITE SOME MORE UNINTERESTING STUFF. not. uhm. i really want a tumblr inspired blog layout, but can't find a good one. something like this. i need to learn css. i'll repost the TERA entries i did on LJ a few days ago, and i'll try to use blogspot more. yea. ok.


last pics of 2010, the first pics of 2011

last issue of Manga Mania back in 2007 or whatever. threw all of them out. i miss Manga Mania lots tho. :(

v before i took pc, desk and bookshelf down. ^sitting with this now.

from my single jp vogue issue.. was lucky enough to discover aya takano through it. :D she's amazing!