noone's ever gonna see this title unless i change theme!!!!

just got a post-card from Sanni... i haven't talked to her in ages, i'm so surprised, haha. apparently Cambodia is hot and cheap and she ate a fried spider. omg i'm so jealous D: i wanna go do Cambodia tooooooooooo. well... actually i just wanna get out of Stockholm. i wanna travel.... anywhere. >_<


THERE. now i'm not gonna change that darn gif anymore. i will not look in my image folder ever again..... for a few days. found an old gif from beginning of last year. i miss my black hair! i've decided to dye it back to black. i WILL do it! >:|

anyway. i'm so confused. in the saltwater room-song in my playlist (on the blog) the girl sings "time is just never quite enough", while in the song on my album rip she sings "time isn't ever quite enough". or i'm just hearing wrong? idek. it really bothers me. i'm PRETTY sure i'm not hearing wrong. i guess the one on my blog is an earlier version. wiki wiki wiki.

ah... seems like the version on my blog is from Maybe I'm Dreaming.
the one i've been listening to on repeat on my kube is from Ocean Eyes.


changed gif again. key's butt pushed down my shoutbox, lul.
will change it again later when i've looked through all of them.
added Owl City's The Saltwater Room to the playlist as well.

there we go

banner replaced by a gif i made from last year's Music Core (or Music Bank?) special stage with SHINee and KARA. looked through all my gifs, cause i was too lazy to make a new banner.. and to look back a bit. i miss those times. i miss SHINee. i'm almost 100% i'm close to getting back into fandom.. i'll start by writing down their coming schedules and look around shineee.net and their soompi thread and bestiz.. i miss shinee-ing. i wonder if they changed their level-up process to something simpler.. that i can understand, rofl. i'll go look later. anyway, i miss my gifs and i miss my boys. so here's one of my favs.

erm... ok. 2 of my favs.

this is from Star Golden Bell back in January/February.. (i made it on Feb. 4th so?) he was talking about their trip to Thailand and how either the elephant or the crocodile show was scary... rofl. he's so adorable. you can't tell he's the oldest. 우리 온리다..

this is from their Taiwan trip over christmas last year, though i'm pretty sure Azio didn't air this until like.. February. or something. cause i made this on February 10th, lol. (yes, i dated my gifs) the MC was so cute, and the 2 biggest dorks of the group.... OnKey, anyone? when it comes down to it i've always preferred OnKey and HyunMin, but then when i catch a glorious JongKey moment i completely turn OnTae and JongKey. it's weird, no? the power of JongKey....

and because i can't help myself; a gif of Sungmin from one of Big Bang's concert DVDs. (i think)

not made by me, credit to the tagged :) found this on his fancafe. i want that JSM sign so bad<3333333333 i miss fangirling him. and looking out for him in every Big Bang video, lulz. i remember when i watched some Big Bang video from Japan MTV on youtube, and i was like HOLYFUCKINGSHITISTHATJSM? and it waaaaaaaaas. so i ripped the video, made 3 cute gifs, messaged one of them to him on Cyworld. i wrote "look who i found! so cute haha" or something like that. and. HE MESSAGED ME BACK. <- i died, seriously rofl. he was so cute, "고마워^^".
*insert super-aw* anyway, i miss his old hair. now imma go see if TROOP has any updates.
and SHINee time. i feel so good. :D



font sizes changed
post width changed
will changed banner tomorrow..
i missed editing codes. ♡


there we go.... decent layout :D
gonna change banner later..
and change some stuff like fonts.



wants a new blogspot layout already. i never last long with dark layouts..... rofl. i want a light layout with no images. just text. simple is almost always best. but i just can't find one i like. searching is tiresome... :(


I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
'Cause my dreams are bursting at the seams

such a beautiful song. ♡


i hate being sick.

fever... 38.1. i feel like crap.
haven't eaten anything.
2 glasses of orange/apple/mandarin juice.
i'm cold then i'm warm.
ear ache.
body ache, though not as bad as yesterday.
runny nose, -"-.

i can't sleep.. ugh.

catching up with Mental.
"I hate pain" so do i, Leonard.

i'm freezing........


dis iz blog entry

today was "eventful".

told mom jun's coming
  • she asked if i wanted her to buy me condoms
i am sick
  • + fever! wow that's rare
i finally figured out how to make blogger layouts work
  • yo i'm a genious
brother came over for dinner
  • chicken, rice and orange gravy! <3
mom wouldn't let me eat in the kitchen cause i would cough all over the food
  • nice, cause she usually have to force me to eat together with her..
bro did not figure out how to fix my computer.
  • however he tipped me to do the cmd /scannow thing.. dunno if it worked.
  • and yes, he tipped me over the phone. most awkward conversation ever.
watched harry potter and the goblet of fire.
  • i cry every time. robert pattinson<3
i am so dizzy
i like making lists like this!
shane is a bitch. :D
my ears hurt
my head hurts
my throat hurts
my nose hurts
my whole body hurts
  • still, life feels ok. why is that?

note to self; school starts 10:20 tuesday next week. 1st tuesday of the month we get an extra hour sleeping in.. happy!


screen fixed, layout fixed. happy. :D
hello blogspot!
now how do i import my livejournal posts to this thing?

gosh livejournal is too complicated.. i can't bother importing all those entries here.
i guess it's a brand new start then. :)