even though. things suck rn. the year will end. and a new semester will start. and although i have three exams in a row within one single week in january it will be ok because the week after my korean class starts. and i am soooooooooooooooooooo fucking hyped. but i probably shouldn't be because i'll be spending four hours a week on things i already know. so yeah. early mornings are the best. i feel all motivated and crap. had some nice breakfast and some nice stanning. time to wash up and get some music on and finish these three weeks late lab revisions as well as this one week late labreport gogogogogoooooo



o<-< i learned a new smilemoticonthing today.
i'm banned from bts' blog because tistory's an ass and i feel shit because i wanted to leave a nice comment.
i failed two exams this semester.
i have three exams in one week in january.
i'm going to die from anxiety and things are basically poop.
but tomorrow is the semester's last lab and we're playing with ions and colorings and crystals and we're making a chemical garden I AM SO EXCITED and am dreading the labreports. i still didn't finish last week's report. and i have two reports to revise. and i'm basically shit what the hell why do i get paralyzed from depression and anxiety. getting things done shouldn't be hard? fuuuuckkkkkkkkk.

sigh anyway zion.t.


you wanna fuck me

i feel ultimate shit lately and i have an exam in 3 days that i haven't studied for but who even cares
i want to throw up

and listen to cocorosie until i break


hi december thoughts

It's Decemberrrrrrrrr. Beloved December. Let's recap all the good stuff of November.
- VIXX happened. It's been one month but it doesn't actually feel as if it happened at all. Completely surreal. After VIXX finished their Global Showcase tour they made their comeback with Voodoo Doll, and today they won their first ever trophy at a music show. BRB CRYING AGAIN. They are seriously amazing performers, the showcase blew me out of the water. I knew they were good, but experiencing their performances through a computer screen and in person is just.... different worlds. It was pretty much the single best experience of my life for now. And beyond VIXX, getting to experience the first Kpop concert in Scandinavia with one thousand fans joining together as one to cheer these guys on. It was amazing. I had a complete breakdown on the subway home. Oh and on the subject of VIXX, I also joined and got levelled up on VIXX fancafe in November.
- I passed 2 out of 3 exams. I got a B on one of them like what. I failed one and barely passed the other. It's good stuff because I have been really depressed this month. Schoolwork has been overwhelming this month, especially in combination with my other overwhelming BS going on...:
- BANGTAN. These fucking assholes. I've been following them since their debut in June, but November is when I really ended up stanning them full-time. I sent them like 5 actual handwritten letters, got levelled up on their fancafe and left like 5 more to.BTS letters. This was a big month for BTS I think. We won the rookie award at the MMAs. It's nowhere near the prestigious end-of-the-year award ceremonies, but it's still a very big award to receive. European fans also got them the best single and best rookie awards at the European So-Loved awards. And I managed to order their 1st limted merchandise. HECK YEA.
- EXO. Song of the year at the MMAs. Album of the year at MAMA. Do I need to say more? Their hard work is paying off. And now they made their special comeback with an amazing Christmas song and their popularity is just exploding. They will be household-names in no time at all.
- Android KitKat. Sadly they're not pushing the update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus so I'm making do with only having it on my tablet. They're also only pushing the new launcher to Nexus 5 so I had to apply it myself but... I really love this update. I'm so happy with the direction they're bringin Android and really Google is doing all of the right things. I lava u Google.
- I got through the month. Sigh there were so many dark moments. I've been really down as the workload picked up, but I'm getting through it and I'm getting a better grip of things. Yay! The first week of December has been really good so hopefully it stays that way. I only have one exam this month so I'm feeling a lot better about things. Christmas is coming, I got my chocolate advent calendar and a pretty glittery non-chocolate one and snow has arrived.

Most played song of the month. RAP MONSTER and Popinjay's 7 dayz with at least >450 plays.