haven't played for a long while. i only have an hour of gametime left anyhow. but i'm just completely in love with the Elins in heavy armor. and Castanics in heavy armor. i know for sure i will roll a Berserker (main or not) but i'm not sure the Elin armor changes will impact my choice of race. bothers me like ughhhh. looking forward to alpha, i better be invited. can definitely wait for release though. not looking forward to the frustrations another MMO will bring. makes me reminisce the Aion closed betas. that withdrawal was just awful. and of course, now i seriously crave playing it. i've always had periods where i play some Infinite Aion, but it's not the same as retail. i don't know. it just feels like the right time to go back as i view the game in a completely different light, there have been lots of updates, and i know exactly what i did wrong that led me to quitting. but at the same time, i know that most hasn't changed a bit. whatever. i am so installing and doing the free trial rn. D: ............maybe.

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