weekend is so nice. fell asleep fairly early yesterday, watched The Fountain for the 7843287th time. Eating Animals came yesterday, so i read like 20 pages of that. i love the way the author writes. apparently he wrote the book for that movie that Elijah Wood was in that was so funny and awesome but i forgot the name. oh, Everything is Illuminated. great movie. GRAIL will hopefully launch today after being pushed back for 2 days thanks to the weather. my plans for today is to watch GRAIL and youtube and perhaps eat some food. mom boxed some spaghetti and sauce in the fridge but picky that i am, i will not touch it. can i just say that i HATE refridgeratored spaghetti? spaghetti is not supposed to be refridgeratored. it's supposed to be fresh. i'd eat refridgeratored meatsauce with no objection, but spaghetti? no. perhaps i should ask her not to box them together. oh well. i don't know what to do today and so i feel restless. restless restless. Dragon Nest maybe?

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