ugh. i sleep too much, gonna start putting alarm on weekends again. sleeping 10.5h only results in sore body and more tiredness. =_= some new shows finally started to air, so there's at least something to look forward to during the weeks, apart from school.

The Vampire Diaries season 3
The Secret Circle season 1
Revenge season 1
The Lying Game season 1

Once Upon A Time season 1 starting soon
Terra Nova season 1 also..
idek i follow too many shows, and when is Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome coming?!

and soon the other awesome shows will pick back up again so.. i'd really like to finish last season's animes but i can't seem to get the motivation to do it. and i really want to pick up older shows like Carnivale and Firefly. time plz. i've been craving christmas and winter these past days. we re-organized our living room and it's so much cozier now. i've played a bit of guild wars, which is fun, when you overcome the lack of jumping and the game being completely instanced.. i had a nice christmas dream. i want to go to some christmas fairs and markets this year. i'm bringing you tolga. my mom is the best. my cats aren't, waking me up in the early mornings. i missed school this friday which is frustrating. tea makes me sweat. uhm. frustrating. ok. i'm gonna shower and then be less frustrated. cus life is nice. let's enjoy it.

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