TERA EU test Day 2:


TERA's got too many quests.

servers opened at 12 today, finished a photoshop assignment i had forgotten about before i started playing. weirdly enough i didn't feel stressed at all, and finished it 17 minutes after 12. was inspired from the Save Japan projects people have been doing online. took a bath after a couple of hours of playing, read some the wind-up bird chronicle and went grocery shopping. i bought red bull for sunday. not sure why. store had no monster. sad, really. been taking it easy, reached 17 on my Archer. played a few levels on a Sorcerer, Mystic and Slayer. decided to continue on a Priest. really liking the Priest at the moment. sick to death of Island of Dawn though. got to level 7 on the Priest. probably not gonna play much tomorrow. i need a break and got irl stuff to attend to. mom's birthday "party" ie. she bought pizza today, again. and i feel like throwing up all over the place.

let's do screenshots.

Name: Slats
Race: Castanic
Class: Archer
Levels: 12-17

Name: Nyanko
Race: Popori
Class: Priest
Levels: 1-7

and alts.

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  1. när jag börjar plugga i höst ska jag definitivt ska en megadator och spela alla dessa megafina spel :3 FÅR JAG BLI DIN LÄRLING DÅ 8D?

    och btw Burn är lätt den godaste energidrycken!