TERA EU test Day 1:

Warning, following post contains screenshots at high quality, as well as low quality, containing bare stone boobs and capslock.

Name: Slats
Race: Castanic
Class: Archer
Levels: 1-12

was a fun evening, experiencing Island of Dawn in English. felt rusty at the beginning, but got into the mechanics rather quickly. i love the Archer's attacks, mainly the melee ones and the attack that shoots you back. it's such a fluid burst of DPS when combined. also got to run a little quest instance that i somehow missed in KOBT, thanks Shank. :) i never tried crafting in KOBT, so i tried that out. was disappointed with the first bow recipe i got. right now it only seems like a fun time- and moneysink. no really, i found crafting fun. looking forward to experiencing Fey Forest tomorrow, it was my favorite area during KOBT. i will no doubt reach level cap that is set on 17, so i have a Baraka Mystic waiting for me after that. "weeei." :D

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