brand new stardom

hey new favorite group. Zico and Kyung stood out for me immediately. Zico is just beast, and Kyung gives off this underground k-hiphop feeling that i'm a big fan of. been waiting for someone to combine skilled rappers with skilled singers (no big bang doesnt count cause they lack in the vocal department imo), and the choreography is great. not the ordinary idol group, even though the flashy styling says otherwise. i don't understand how people can complain about them copying Big Bang. i see no Big Bang in this music video or in this song, maybe Zico's hairstyle looks a bit G-Dragon-ish and the leather jackets that were really trendy in 2008, but that's it. feels to me like the video is more inspired by BEAST with the setup and the choreography's formation. but it feels completely fresh and it's something new in k-pop. do approve.

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