let's put up some.

1. finish school.
2. get a job.
3. get a little cute apartment with lots of plants and big windows and crystals and wind chimes and dream catchers and pretty stuff.
4. die. FOREVER ALONE. with cats chewing on my rotting corpse.

it's frustrating looking up jobs online and seeing the requirements. outgoing/can handle stress/interested in people/service minded/drivers license/AT LEAST highschool graduate/experience/etc.

ohi. introvert, anxious, idgafaboutotherpeopleunlesstheyreSPESHUL, will never get a drivers license because of costs and because i refuse contributing more than i already do for the death of the earth, dropped out of school in 8th grade, worked one summer month and skipped at least a week of that.

and i'm perfectly fine the way i am and will not take a job that will drive me into a wall. my psychological health is the most important to me and i will not risk it for money. probably naive and dumb, but i just don't understand why people live the way they do and why society works like this. makes me sick.

3 episodes of in treatment to go.

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  1. kan vården vara något :)? de burkar inte kräva så mycket. bara att man typ är förstående och har espekt för de som behöver hjälp. jag ska jobba som personlig assistent-vikarie i sommar, typ aschill. gå på promanader, laga mat, och torka lite rumpa. sen vill de ha tid för sig själv ofta och då kan man typ sitta och läsa. eller göra vad som helst. NAJS i vilket fall :D. mycket OB om man jobbar natt (Y).

    lycka till med dina mål :3!