TERA thoughts

Since the news of the NA "Community play event" and the EU "test" was released today, and i'm bored, i figure i could do a little summary of my own (few) concerns about TERA. This is mainly to keep in hand to see what also concerns the NA/EU client rather than just the KR client, and to see what has changed and stuff.
  • PK system. Needing bought items to declare PK on someone. (concern: gold income, price) Having to declare PK on someone; having to go into the menu and choosing it from a dropdown menu.
  • Solo content. Lacking solo quests at level 22+.
  • Difficulty, level 1-17. Would like to see the mob AI improved in these levels.
  • Fixed world boss spawns. Just a suggestion from my side, would make it a lot more fun to have the world bosses spawn in a few random locations. Having to race the rival guilds to the boss and PK people to get the kill and dramas and.. yeah. All that would happen even if the spawns were on fixed locations i guess, but it would just be better if it was random imo. Would be harder to camp the bosses 24/7 (as they spawn every hour) and i think it would result in more guilds getting a chance to take part of the loot.
  • Political system. Only because there's like 0 info on it and it's not enabled yet on the Korean servers.
Doubt the "Communiy play event" will shed much light on any of this as i assume the level cap of the "event" will be quite low, but yeah. Will be most probably be updated.

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