need to post this again. makes me happy.

Conversation started between Sul and lolga: Tue, Aug 31 22:54:44 2010
[22:55] lolga: what if i want to kiss you
[22:55] lolga: conflict of interest
[22:55] lolga: how we gonna resolve this
[22:56] Sul: how about you dont kiss me and i dont kiss you
[22:56] lolga: who do I kiss then
[22:56] Sul: go kiss your hand
[22:56] Sul: or something
[23:07] lolga: but i want ur beautiful lips o,o
[23:07] Sul: fu
[23:08] lolga: why fu
[23:08] Sul: zzzzzzzzz
[23:08] lolga: stop that
[23:11] lolga: is that how you treat people that love you? :(

remind me to backup our old xfire convos on usb..

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