having a supernostalgiamoment. had to get out of bed to look for an opening theme to one of my favorite animes, and now i'm looking through the openings to the ones i used to watch and love. gonna collect some of them here for archiving. :)

never finished watching this one. though i regret it, i did lose interest after a while. meh. :( was awesome at first though.

this is the opening i had to get out of bed to look for. this anime stole my heart! i think i watched through it like 4 times. need to watch it again.

another anime i never finished watching. shame really, wasn't a big fan of the style back then. i adore it now though. need to rewatch!

probably my number one favorite. i love everything about this anime.

what got me interested in gyaru and parapara. absolutely brilliant anime. still have it on my hd too. was going to rewatch it but didn't get to it..... :@

uuuuuuugh. hate the style of this anime. was obsessed with belgian waffles after watching it. did love it.

don't think i need to say anything. Blood+ FTW.

FLCL doesn't have an opening. fail. anyway. this was the first song i ever downloaded! when i think back on watching this anime, i don't think i could ever make sense of it. i think what i liked the most of this anime was the ending theme, lol.

been meaning to rewatch this. probably one of the most funny animes i've ever watched, but it made me cry a few times as well.

i only watched this last year, actually. i don't watch much anime anymore at all, but mando made me get into this. (thankssssss<3) absolutely amazing stuff.

another anime i watched recently (as in last year). didn't actually like it as much as i expected, but it's beautifully made.

not suuuure what to say. amazing stuff.

watched this a few years back. not sure if i started reading the manga or watched the live action movies or the anime first, but i never finished reading the manga nor watching the anime. i think i didn't finish the anime anyway, lol. story got a bit too grown up for me, i suppose. still amazing!

another big favorite. everything is amazing about this anime. i adore visual art's/key's works. only played one of their games though, Planetarium. didn't get far into it either.. was an amazing story though.

was amazing for the first 50 episodes or so. lost interest.. meh. tommy heavenly6 still owns though. as well as the style of the anime.

LOL. had this downloaded but deleted it because i couldn't get myself to watch it again. -_- really love this anime. breaks my heart everytime. it's a shame the animation isn't that good, but the story makes up for it.

did just spend one and a half hour looking at anime openings. -_-

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