moved the blog to my other google account. was annoying having to re-log to youtube all the time. feels good. :) annoyed though. want to make a new gmail, but the username i want is already in use. google account =/= gmail? why did i name my gmail after a mob in ether saga online..

anyway, been way under lately. nightmares, complete lack of motivation, bad mood in general. need to get out of it already.. i want to work a bit this summer, so i need to apply for summer jobs. and i have no idea what i want to work with this year, as the last time i worked during summer it was decided by some program thingy.. wasn't that bad but meh. i also need to apply for schools for fall. i want to study in another city for a semester at least, but the dorm rents are high. and then i have to figure out what to study when i've got my qualifications. not like i have to rush or anything, i just want stuff planned. highly unusual when it comes to me.

so yea. bye.

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