slats heart naver

Naver Mail:

is there no mail application? :@ couldn't find any in their program page thingy.. oh well. guess they would lose all their traffic if there was one, lmao.

Naver Calendar:

Naver > Google.

Calendar App:

once again, Naver >>>>>>>>> Google. this shit is gold.

PhotoViewer App:

never really use photoviewers.. have had the Cyworld one installed last year, but it was kind of meh. like this one a lot better though. maybe i'll get off my ass and organize all my images..

Video Manager App:

a basic video manager (duh), basically you can add a title at the beginning, ugly and funny frames, change lighting and add ending creds. while basic, very handy for editing little clips. i might use this..... that's my random 90210 video encoding btw. was like 300mb so it would have taken a while.

Naver Talk:

pretty much a ripoff of Google Talk, but BETTER. obviously i have no contacts on Naver or anything so it's kind of useless to me.. lol. naturally there is a mobile app, i think there's both an iOS and Android version but i didn't check. i do use the Naver app on my Android though, which is awesome. mainly use it to check mails while in bed.

Naver Update Manager:

a handy little program to update all your Naver desktop applications.

Naver Firefox Theme + Toolbar:

MAKE A CHROME THEME. that works with RockMelt. :( do chrome themes even work with RockMelt? anyway the Naver theme for Firefox is obviously my favorite theme. i love green and i love simple. i don't like toolbars, but it's Naver so i installed it anyway. not that i ever use Firefox..

ok. enough.

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