Entry no. 300

DEDICATED TO HENRY LAU. had such good times back on Euphonic forums, miss the gals even tho they probably forgot about me. i used to be fun back then. xD been a fan of Henry ever since he showed up as the mystery guy in SJ's Don't Don MV. there was so much hating on that guy back then, with so many rumors and so much fandom drama and hate. glad SJM ended up successful in the end, and i'm glad Henry found his place. still can't believe there are ONLY13!!11!1!! and ONLY5!!!1!! preachers around like 3 years after, lol. remember when people would censor him and Zhou Mi out of SJM pictures on one of the biggest SJ fansite that i forgot the name of.. when ELFs would be shouting "we will protect 13" during Henry's performances. i mean, the chanting was fucking awesome, unity and all, but the purpose was shit. aaah. anyway. SJM made a comeback and it features a solo song composed and written by Henry, and it's quite awesome.

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