What/Who got you into kpop?
the first korean music i listened to was BIG BANG, not knowing it was korean.. i just thought it was good and i would listen to it, not realy caring much of who they were. the group that got me into kpop though, was Super Junior. Sungmin's "i just died and came back to life" from some variety show where the boys were learning how to drive won me over.. lmao. and i got into Super Junior thanks to a certain AhjumHanna's leader birthday spam on bilddagboken. :)

Favourite boy group?

Favourite girl group?
Uhmmmm..... 2NE1 or Girls' Generation.

Favourite idol group overall?

Other groups you love?
the previously mentioned, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, TVXQ, all the Super Junior sub-groups, SHINee, F.Cuz, did i mention SHINee? f(x), wouldn't say One Way or Epik High are "groups" as in popgroups.. but yeah.

Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?
BIG BANG, G-Dragon
Super Junior, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Yehsung, INSERT 10 MORE MEMBERS HERE
2NE1, CL
Girls' Generation, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, Yuri, Yoona, Taeyeon ... xD
SHINee, Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Minho .. oops
2PM, i would say Jay.. but yeah. Junsu.
2AM, Kwon
Miss A, Suzy
TVXQ, JJ, Chunface
F.Cuz, LeeU
f(x), Krystal, Sulli
Epik High, BloKutzRa .. :3

Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?

Favourite solo female singer?
BoA, Jisun,Taru, Yozoh, would E.via count as a singer?

Favourite solo male singer?
Son HoYoung, KCM, aaah that guy from Brown Eyed Soul that i can't remember the name of xD Wheesung, Evan, K.Will, does Jay Park count? :o there was this fucking awesome male singer back a few years ago.. forgot his name.. -_- AH. I FOUND HIS NAME. Kang KyunSung. SDFKDSFKSD.

Favourite idol overall?
Kim Heechul, Kim Key, Kim Jonghyun..

Favourite songs right now?
JYJ's Empty, E.via's Pick up! U!, Rainbow's A

Favourite fanclub?
SHINee World, S♥ne

Favourite entertainment company?
YG Entertainment

Loved a group your not into anymore?

First kpop song ever?
Mmm.. would like to say We Belong Together by Big Bang, featuring Park Bom, but that was second. Big Bang's Goodbye Baby.

First kpop music video ever?
AHAHAH no idea. Super Junior's Happiness, i think

First kpop love (group/solo)?
Super Junior

Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.
Uhh... i don't know, lol. most of the million new rookie groups have only come out few average title songs so. i'm sure i could get into them if i wanted to, but i'm not very active within fandom anymore anyway. got better stuff to do. such as watching Sailor Moon. xD

Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?
i know (or knew) Girls' Generation's Gee, Kissing you (AHAHHA miss watching ChinChin and dancing along to Sungmin and Sunny q_q), parts of Tell me your wish, Oh!, Ooh la la!, Girls' Generation, Etude, Run Devil Run, Way to go, Chocolate love.. well i know most great song's dance moves for at least the chorus, maybe not that good but i know them at least. xD

Any songs you memorised the lyrics to?
A ton.. mostly SHINee.

Hottest male in the industry to you?
Humm.. Kim Jonghyun?

Prettiest female in the industry to you?
Jessica Jung, Sulli

A person you want to be like/admire the most?

A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
recently, E.via's Pick up! U!.

Your favourite music video?
Uhh... -_- Kpop have really awesome MVs in general. hard to choose. Epik High's Map the Soul?

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