AHAHAHHAHA OMFG. waking up to an announcement about Jonghyun and Shin SeKyung dating. i'm incredibly surprised. SHINee are still a very young group imo and it's interesting to see the way their entertainment companies reacted. i'm sure they only announced it because Jonghyun and SeKyung wanted to.. hmmmm. poor girl had to shut her cyworld down because of the anti-spam. :( even though i was so surprised, and my heart is aching just a little bit because i see Jonghyun in a different light now, i'm really happy for them and i wish them all the best. i'm lolling at all the crazed fangirls who got their dreams crushed. DON'T CALL YOURSELF A 샤월 IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO SUPPORT THEM JUST CUS YOU WERE HAVING DREAMS OF HAVING JONGHYUN'S BABIES. plz gtfo the internet srsly.

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