so Key made me fall in love with Rainbow's A (i'm slow) and i'm all *__________* IWISHICOULDDANCELIKETHAT and IWISHIHADABODYLIKETHAT and all that but i'm the kind of girl who goes LOLGOINGONADIET and then binges on potato chips lmao. oh well. i'm ok with myself, most of the time.

today i had a footbath, haven't had one in years. was relaxing. also the copies of my birth certificate arrived, so i got my school applications done. just waiting for mom to come home so i can find out where the stamps are, and then they're going in the mail! i really hope i get in this spring.. but if not, i guess there's more time for me to stay in NL. i can't stand it though, i've been doing nothing for 3 years. i even miss school o.o. it's impossible for me to get a job so.. i don't know. there's some program through Arbetsförmedlingen (state employment agency) where you get to try out a Folkhögskola (Folk High School) for a couple of months. gonna try getting into that if i don't get accepted. or some courses through Folkuniversitetet. yawn.

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