struggles and rushmore

We have this assignment this week where we have to try to imagine what the music industry would be like if copyright didn't exist and my mind is literally in circles and I can't for the life of me settle on anything solid. We also need to speculate on what the music industry will look like in the future, and I'm basically ?_? apart from the obvious aspects like digital distribution and streaming models. I don't know if I'm struggling because I know little of the music industry or because I have a really bad imagination. Probably bits of both. Doesn't help that it's almost midnight. Early morning tomorrow. Studying all weekend.

Anyhow today I finished watching Rushmore. It took me about four days. I started watching it as breakfast entertainment, basically. I've seen it once before, but I paid no attention that time and could barely remember anything, so. I always love Wes Anderson. Max is such a bizarre character, occasionally misguided but (almost) always driven and inspiring. I'm not sure I like the story as much as I like the characters, particularly the principal and the teacher whose names I can't remember at the moment. Glad I watched it again, it was very entertaining.

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