Frequencies, When We're Young, About Sophie

So I've decided to write something about every movie/TV show I watch, because I just want to. Maybe if I write something about it I'll get more from it, instead of just wasting my time. The only rule is 3 sentences. I might write about my favourite songs as well because why not.

So Frequencies is special. The characters are named by famous scientists and other known personalities and the story has this fictional scientific system of frequencies and I don't even know. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the soundtrack, and the main actors were awesome. The story was captivating from the start and never lost me. So I liked it a lot.

When We're Young
Too much Ben Stiller. For some unknown reason I don't like him and tend to avoid movies that he's in. Amanda Seyfried and Adam from Girls were in this though, so I was curious about it. The story is about this couple in their 40s who become friends with a couple in their 20s and it's all about growing old? I suppose. I don't think I got that much out of it. I didn't like the characters and the story wasn't too interesting to me. A bit disappointing.

About Sophie
About Sophie is a song by Keaton Henson that I absolutely adore. Keaton has this way of speaking about relationships between people that makes me a bit jealous? I guess. I can identify with both Sophie and Keaton in this song and I just sort of wish I had a relationship like that. It's a song that makes me sad but also lets me appreciate the whole concept of friendship. It's a really pretty song.

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