part of me regrets signing up for a summer course. i'd rather spend the entire summer translating things and learning more korean. then again the extra credit is nice, since it means a small part of my student loan gets written off.
the heat has arrived. which means my appetite is leaving. which is nice. i also got sucked into 1q84, and i have this idea of just sitting around for an entire day reading and listening to hyukoh, but i never get to it.

and today was really tiring. sometimes i get really tired of bighit, and fandom. most of all, alarmists make me tired. alarmists and religious people who want to shove their beliefs on others to the point where those others' rights are denied. i'm also tired of people who care more about labels than actual arguments. it's easy to bash an entire movement without looking at their actual arguments and opinions. it's also lazy. so basically, i'm tired. and i really just want to curl up into 1q84 for hours and hours. so that's what i'm doing tonight. never mind the course lit sitting next to me. tomorrow.

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