my blog layout is in some state of limbo and i keep thinking it's sunday
i'm sort of in a state of limbo too
all i've been doing is sitting around waiting for saturday to come
mom will be away for two weeks
and i really like this backlit keyboard
the keys are nice too
and i spend too much time doing nothing when i should be getting started on this course lit

honey fm 2nd anni edition came out today and i laughed a lot a lot a lot and it made me happy ! i don't know what to expect when the clock strikes midnight kst tomorrow ... with muster 2 delayed/cancelled and everything. i'm sure the kids have something cooked up to make it up to us.

preciousest kids
i am so happy i ended up in this fandom
and today i listened through bangtan's entire discography because it's been too long and it's really really great and i have so many memories with them annnddd music is great and awesome and stanning the right people is very satisfying

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