tomboy gone nuts

some things i used to hate or had no interest in until i fell in love and started coming out of my depression. :)

1. Sun. i used to despise summer, winter was my season. i suddenly love the idea of summer and sun and heat. maybe because i'm daydreaming of walking on the beach together with the love of my life. i still love rain more than any weather, though. espescially during summer! warm rains, thunders and lightnings = heaven.

2. Flowers. i have never had any interest in flowers before. and my view of flower patterned clothes was.. well, i would never had considered putting a flowery dress on. ever. and for some reason, there might be a specific one that triggered it that i can not recall at the moment, i am suddenly a big fan of the flowers. my current favorite word is the latin name for the family of the Poppy. i used to hate the way Poppies looked.

3. Dresses. i've always had a few skirts that i used to wear a lot, but i've also always preferred wearing pants. dresses have usually been completely out of the question. now i can't wait for summer to just put a dress on and feel the wind on my bare legs. yes. really.

4. Lingerie. i have hated bras. i used to be the girl who would always wear hipsters and hotpants. as any other girl i had a thong-phase in my early teens, but that passed rather quickly. perhaps i have just discovered a wish to please my boyfriend, but i have come to realize that when you wear things you find pretty, even underneath something you don't find as pretty and that you can't really "show off", you feel happier with yourself. i've worn the same bras for years. obviously i have grown out of most of them, and they're quite uncomfortable these days. but i have never bothered enough to buy new ones. can't even think of a reason not to buy a pretty, comfortable new bra right now. bras are awesome. espescially when they are comfortable.

5. Caring. i just feel interested to participate in discussions more, i feel more willing to communicate with other people. i genuinely care (at least a little bit!) for the people i sometimes chat with, although i barely know them. i used to not give a fuck. i still don't give a fuck a lot of times, but it feels like i'm in the middle of taking a big step.

moving in the right direction. :) i'm ready to have my life moving. all that's left is friends, a job, and being able to not have to get on a two hour flight to see my boyfriend.

anyway, although noone cares, i've been shopping summer clothes. i spent my past two months CSN money on 20+ items from H&M. yes... Y SO FEMALE. totally having anxiety right now, wish i saved the money. even though i can't wait to get what i ordered. gah! at least they're awfully cheap, and normally they have a lot higher quality on their clothes than ie. Ellos.

Accessories & Etc.

the "big buy". i fell in love with it. isn't it adorable? better be worth every öre.

after reading Will in W.i.t.c.h.'s favorite gloss was mint-flavored, i obviously had to try it. i loved it. but i haven't had any mint gloss since the previous one i had went in the trash. i love watermelon, so this seems to be a win-win. yes, when it comes to lipgloss the smell and flavor is more important than looks.

i found a very similar bracelet on Indiska yesterday, but in silver. random.

this is more of a necessity. we've lost our cathair brushes while moving, and all my clothes are hairy. i love cats but i wish they had no fur. (yes, i love nude cats.)

it was hard deciding between gold and silver. i decided i liked the blue better than the brown. i hope i won't regret it. i'm seriously in a gold-phase right now.

And such.

And the rest.

the orange-flowered ones were adorable. hope i won't regret choosing the black ones. :@

i really wasn't sure about this dress. then i saw it at the store and got to feel it. definitely a real summer dress.

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