is nice

we're right now. i need to learn to get out of my comfort zone more often.. things aren't as scary as i make them out to be in my head.

today i payed extra attention to Dollar. he seemed a bit down today. cleaned some dishes, cleaned the cats water bowlthingy (long overdue) and went grocery shopping. it was less cold enough to walk outside with my jacket unzipped today. bought some 70% cocoa with raspberry. i'm almost done with Norwegian Wood.. and it was like what, 3-4 months since i started reading it? i started reading the wind-up bird chronicle at first but it was so thick and i felt unmotivated to continue, but now i feel ready to take it on again. i really love murakami. although i prefer the supernatural/fantasy/wut stuff in his books, i still adore Norwegian Wood. i really can't wait for the movie, obviously impossible to be as good as the book but i'm sure it'll be wonderful when not compared.. *pause in writing entry, shouts for mom, books two tickets for tomorrow*

ah. looking forward to it. time to study a bit.

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