summer sucks

i have serious issues with summer break. i hate not having school to go to. being around people now and then, asocial that i am, i even miss that. this heat had me lose my appetite at first and then it had me bingeing. my bias list is fucking everywhere because fucking exo are perfect. (although kyungsoo is steady first and luhan is steady second for now) it's three weeks until tolga arrives but idk how to manage until then. luhan's hair is fucking orange(ish.. salmon?) and sehun is pink. rn on their schedule there is only music shows and apart from sukira there's nothing to really look forward to right now. i wanted to master all of the khan academy skills before school starts but i'm so bored with it. i could open up the astrophysics book but it's annoying not knowing enough math to finish all the exercises at the end of the first chapter or understand all the equations. i have been studying quite some korean though which has been fun, but using only the ttmik textbooks doesn't make the stuff stick in my brain so it doesn't feel like it's giving me much at the moment. and i'm pretty disappointed because i'm convinced i won't be able to take the korean course along with my science foundation year this fall... sigh. but on a brighter note, i spent some money and got some exo merch. i got the first package yesterday and i'm currently waiting for the albums and posters to arrive as well as a couple of tshirts to be shipped out from korea in a week. i have enough money to spend with tolga but other than that i can't spend anything for the rest of the summer. SM better not release exo's repackage album until september.. oh and also, i'm picking up parapara again. but when i formatted my pc last time i lost my entire parapara collection and it's extremely annoying not having access to all of my favorites. so it's hard getting started again, but i'm making do with youtube videos. if only winter would arrive faster.

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