mental breaker

i have absolutely nothing to say, but hay. this week i've been doggysitting which has been fun and i've been forced to go out a lot which is great. i hadn't realized i missed the forest before now! looking forward to doing it next week also. feels busy! today i finally received the EXO posters that i ordered together with the XOXO albums and they are.... so big. and i have a feeling they will be a pain keeping up on my wall. i also put up the rest of my posters that have been falling off one by one that i eventually got too lazy to put back up again... but here we go. lots of fangirling, otherwise life is uneventful. not long until tolga is coming. we're getting almost a week alone before mom comes home from gotland so that will be nice. hummmmmm. i need to read more books. life is really just exo, boyfriend and dog lately. it is.................. dull. NO. that is the wrong word. it is... repetitive. i guess. well honestly i have no issues with it, but i mean shouldn't i be doing math and reading books? what if i lose my smarts before school starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't even know. here's a gif i stole off tumblr.

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