cold. discovering new music on sunday nights. searching for torrents. "no hits". oh. looking for "Buy"-links. not sure if worth the money? anyway. looking forward to the lulz of cop17 the coming weeks. pessimistic. politics won't create a solution while money means most to the people of the richest part of the world. of course the fact that money will save no one when it comes down to it is irrelevant. according to this thermometer that you apparently need to add a degree to says i have a 38.0 fever. not sure i believe in it. headache, coughing, sneezing, eyes tearing from multiple causes, snot running, freezing. i feel just fine. dollar is hiding his face in a corner created by the catbed and his paw. isn't that just adorable. on my 3rd roll of toilet paper. perhaps time to do something different.

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