astronomy/geology documentaries. mainly astronomy. i've realized i used to be so shielded from the world, the universe rarely ever passed my mind. and then i exploded. wow i thought i had something to say but i think "i exploded" sums it up pretty good. but hey, these days at least i get a lot of joy discovering the world which  comes to good use while trying to keep my head above the surface.

today i blew bubbles until i became dizzy and sticky. i get so frustrated because even though learning through documentaries and emulators like stellarium and universe sandbox is fun, it's not stimulating enough. i am so craving for my own telescope. and i'm doubting the geology route i was considering. but i can't do astronomy, i have no interest in maths.

i want to watch the fountain again. blown mind, broken heart, and etc. jackman was so fucking good.

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