i'm fine living without you

dayuuuummmmmm. am i the only one thinking this MV is seriosly violent? rather disturbing. and badass. are they releasing a non-animated MV? they should. i'm craving choreography. let's go shower and then go through 1298473297423 BBC The Wonders of the Universe screenshots. existence is my newest interest and biggest fascination. i would say i'm more interested in astronomy rather than geology right now, but i'm sort of split. and it KILLS me not to know how the Big Bang was triggered. gdi. inserts list of "i wonder..."s. sneezes. SHOWER. Harry Potter tomorrow. honestly not very excited. who cares about fiction when we're magic ourselves. we were created by stars. isn't that fucking amazing? and ofc these past days of space-phase hasn't made me any more certain of what to study in the future. i'm thinking PhD in astronomy and master's in geology.... who the fuck knows. i have an incredible motivation to learn things. DON'T GO ANYWHERE.

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