back to home

mom driving us down to the harbor at 1:30 or so, she stuck to 35-40km/h entire way, lol. waiting down there wasn't much more fun, but at least it was more stimulating watching the ferry arrive.

i was convinced it was coming in too fast, thought it would crash into the dock lolol

3am look. =_=

the sea was mostly covered in mist and very low clouds.

almost back on the mainland!

i like it cause it's blurry. Holland America Line.

empty car deck is empty. there were only 77 passengers onboard.

and ofc we somehow ended up first in line. at least we didn't have to park on the ramp this year.

bye harbor and Nynäshamn. hi Stockholm and nervwrecking traffic T_T thought we would crash only 293784934 times gdi. today feels like two days or something. been taking naps throughout the day to not collapse and wake up late at night, but i feel quite awake rn. ive been a champion today, carrying all the luggage when unpacking the car and loading the elevator. yupyup.