watching lately

8 Femmes
A Thousand Clowns
Boys don't cry : made me angry. awesome.
Calvaire : was quite good. wish the story was deeper, i want to know why those people were they way they were.
Devil : wasn't bad, but wasn't that good and it was quite boring tbh.
Drag me to hell : is this meant to be a comedy? cause it wasn't funny. waste of time.
Eden Lake : FUCKING FUCKED UP MOVIE. raging. Jack is an exellent (sp?) actor and i'm fucking boiling inside. brilliant movie. *claps*
Elephant : was quite okay. a bit slow. felt like a pretty pointless movie....
It's kind of a funny story : fucking amazing movie. my favorite the XX song is in it too. really awesome.
Les Chansons D'Amour : really lovely movie "musical" :) the songs were beautiful and the story was interesting. you kind of get dragged into the characters and you get to know them without knowing it yourself. a very pleasant experience.
Love and other drugs : easy-going comedy/drama, not into movies like that usually. but Jake does comedies good (plz stick to that kthx) and Anne Hathaway is just awesome. story fell a little short with the typical hollywood ending, but it wasn't a waste of time. did cry.
Martyrs : wa-ow. amazing. needs sequel kthx.
Mulholland Drive : shit.
Mysterious Skin : ANOTHER SAD MOVIE. progression was a bit slow and it was predictable, but it was great overall. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. he was in Beethoven as "Student #1" lol. i loved that movie back when i was like 8.
Punch-Drunk Love
Rocket Science
The Golden Compass : wasn't as good as when i watched it the first time. STILL. loved it. i love dakota and i love the story.
The Road : heartbreaking. loved it and hated it at the same time.
The sisterhood of the traveling pants 1&2 : SO MUCH LOVE. used to love the books when i was younger, and i love the actors and and. i want to go to Greece. great books turned into great films. fuck yeaaaaaaa.
The Squid and the Whale
Thirst : watched half of it, not sure if i will finish it. it's a very amusing movie, but i'm not too into the story.. i was so disappointed when i realized the guy is a vampie. i went LOL SRSLY? ... yea. probably gonna give it another shot tho. it's a way different story comparing it to other vampie movies, so i think it deserves another chance.
Trick r Treat : such a boring movie. watched like 80% of it, couldn't take it anymore. such a waste of good (Sookie<3) actors. it was like Disney had attempted to turn horror.. ugh.
Waltz with Bashir : AMAZING.

Wes Anderson:
Bottle Rocket
Hotel Chevalier : Natalie Portman. nude. that is all. and i fucking love that song, lol.
The Darjeeling Limited : this movie is just.. amusing. and weird. it felt a bit slow at times. but the story was just wonderful.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou : FUCKING AMAZING MOVIE. god. idek. i loved it. no words can describe how much this movie amazed me. just... love. also the soundtrack is fabulous. that guitar guy... i'm in love with him.
The Royal Tenenbaums

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  1. i also watched mysterious skin recently.. it was definitely disturbing but also kind of beautiful. it really gets to you. also, JGL is brilliant. and hot.