TERA, from LJ on Jan 14th

some more (high quality) TERA screenshots. i was like.. level 14-5 or so in these, reached level 18 today! :3 levelling speed is good though, quests everywhere and good exp and good loot rate. it's not too fast and not too slow. i don't know how it will be later in the game, but i hope they don't increase the exp too much during 1-20 at least! apparently 20+ is a LOT of party play, and you will have to grind if you want to play solo, so i hope they add some more solo content in the western version from there on.

the game looks absolutely stunning on highest graphics, i really want a decent rig already.. also, i've been wondering about the bloodsplatter effects, and i didn't find the option to enable it until i turned my graphics on highest, lol. it's cool. can live without it, but i won't be playing without it if i get to choose. (don't mess with me, Frogster :() it's interesting trying to guess the color of the blood before hitting a mob xD

since i reached level 17 i've noticed the mobs are getting harder than before, the AI is more complex and the minions easily surround you if you don't pay attention. i haven't died once in the game yet though, though it was close the time i jumped of the plateau at Island of Dawn because i didn't think, lol. ended up with 60hp. :) i also climbed around some cliffs while playing yesterday, it seems a lot of the mountains are climbable if you're persistent.

the levelling seems quite ordinary and linear, follow the campaign quests to reach this and that area, but there seems to be different paths with the regular quests. i was led to an area that was marked with a skull in the quest log, and can't remember what the skull means, but i skipped that entire area to follow another quest, leading me to another area. i will go back to the "skulled" area when it gets thin with solo quests, for some extra exp, but yeah.

can't wait to finish downloading this patch and get back to questing.

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