TERA, from LJ on Jan 12th

TERA IS EPIC. love it tons.
stuff i don't like about TERA:
  • the way the Elin won't stay still during character creation -_-
  • the running between NPCs...
  • the way you need to be in a party even if you can solo quest instances! (or that's a bug...)
uhm.... that's about it for now. despite the lagspikes playing today has been really fun. grouped with Mad Bunny for the quest instance after soloing 3 times and not getting my quest updated.. then i grouped with some cute Korean to finish some quest faster and he went all 와우 and stuff at the mystic skills ahhahaha. ^-^ i got most of what he said but i didn't say shit until we finished and i went all 한국사람 아니에요 or something... awkward.. hope he doesn't report me. /stupid
and and and. i love the gathering in TERA and the effects are awesome and everything's awesome about TERA. so far. not looking forward to grinding gold for the l20 mount though.


the summons are so ugly... xD

climbing up to a plateau to pick a blue flower!

made an archer to see if it was playable with my ping.... it wasn't :P

first time in Velika! been looking forward to seeing Velik's nipples ^-^

pegasus ftw! need a better computer to really enjoy it though..

running from some tomtar ahhahahahaha epic

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